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IGNOU MSO Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

Hello friends, do you want to know the syllabus of IGNOU MSO (Master of Arts in Sociology)? And if you want to know in detail about IGNOU’s MSO Program, then read this post till the end. After reading this post completely, you will know a lot about this course. If students want to know  IGNOU MSO Course, we are providing information regarding  IGNOU MSO Course.

Eligibility for IGNOU MSO Programme

To take admission in this program, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree or higher degree, only then you will be able to take admission in it.

Medium of IGNOU MSO Programme

This program is made available to you in two languages ​​which is Hindi and English. You can choose any of these two languages ​​while taking admission. Whichever language you choose, you will get your study material in that language.

Duration of IGNOU MSO Programme

To complete this course, you are given minimum 2 years and maximum 5 years, you will have to pass all your subjects in the same period.


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The fee of this program changes every year, so I cannot tell its exact fee, but I will definitely give you an advice that you must know its fee before taking admission in it.

IGNOU MSO Subjects

All the subjects are made available by IGNOU in Master of Arts in Sociology Program, I have given all those subjects below.

IGNOU MSO 1st Year Subjects

MSO 1 – Sociological Theories and Concepts

MSO 2 – Research Methods and Methodologies

MSO 3 – Sociology of Development

MSO 4 – Sociology in India

IGNOU MSO 2nd Year Subjects (Choose 4 Subjects only)

MSOE 1 – Sociology of Education

MSOE 2 – Diaspora and Transnational Communities

MSOE 3 – Sociology of Religion

MSOE 4 – Urban Sociology

MPA 16 – Decentralization and Local Governance MPS 3 – India: Democracy and Development


Now I hope that you have got a lot of information about IGNOU’s MSO Program and you will have learned a lot about this course.


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