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IGNOU CSWM Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

Issues related to waste management are many and so interlinked that a holistic, scientific and well-planned environmental management strategy is the need of the hour. Waste management today involves not only the collection and transportation of waste; But also treatment, disposal and recycling. Thus developing a well-informed and trained workforce is of fundamental importance to deal with these issues. Furthermore, as an emerging economy, India is at its peak of development and consumerism. In view of this, waste generation is expected to increase manifold. There is a strong need of experts in this field, who can manage the waste generated from development projects of industries, mining, housing, urban areas etc. Therefore, given the current scenario and future needs, Indira Gandhi National Open University offers certificate programs in waste management. This program provides an overview of the state of solid waste management covering key elements of the waste management system such as environmental, social, financial and institutional aspects. Learners will be able to understand the challenges of waste management and learn about appropriate and sustainable solutions including appropriate waste management policy issues.


Programme Objectives:

  • To sensitize the learners about the problem of waste generation and its impact on environment and human health.
  • To familiarize the learners to existing legislation, knowledge and practices regarding Waste Management in the country.
  • To prepare the learners with the ability to manage the solid waste effectively.


Eligibility for IGNOU CSWM  Programme


Medium of IGNOU  CSWM  Programme


Duration of IGNOU CSWM Programme

Minimum Duration: 6 month
Maximum Duration: 2  Years


Course Fee: Rs. 3600

 CSWM Subjects

The Programme consists of three courses of 6 credits each:

Course 1: Introduction to Solid Waste Management ( BEV 001)
Course 2: Municipal, Agricultural, Industrial and Hazardous Waste Management ( BEV 002)
Course 3 : Plastic, Electronic, Biomedical and Construction and Demolition Waste Management  (BEV 003)


Programme Co-ordinator :  Dr. Deeksha Dave,, 01129571121, 01129573380

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