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How to Write IGNOU Assignments systematically ?


Assignments are a lot of a piece of understudy life nowadays and it is the same with IGNOU courses. Your assignments must be top quality to get you a passing mark. Assignments mean 30% of the complete imprints and accommodation is compulsory on the off chance that you wish to show up for the tests. Here are a couple of IGNOU assignments composting tips.

Tips for Writing IGNOU Assignments systematically 


Tips to get good  marks in Assignments 


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1) Make the Cover Page Simple

Do not use fancy borders or designs for the cover page. It should have a name, enrollment number full address, and date in the top right corner as well as Title, Assignment Number, and Name of Study Center in the center of the page.

2) Write the Assignments yourself

Hand writes the assignment. Do not use a word processor and copy-paste materials. Do not assign work to writing services or anyone else.

3) Complete the Assignments in Time

It is vital that you complete the assignment, check it thoroughly from a content angle and from a grammar angle, and, if necessary, rewrite pages so that your page does not have crossed out or corrected paragraphs, words or sentences. Above all plan to complete and submit the assignment in time, at least a week prior to the last date.

4) Use high-quality paper 

It is recommended you write on good quality A4 sized white paper on only one side of the page leaving appropriate margins at left, right, bottom, and top of the pages with page numbers.

5) Write Answer on Front Page

Write the answer on the front page and write the relevant question number for each answer.

6) Good Hand Writing

It may be laborious and time-consuming but it is recommended you write slowly and with care using your best handwriting. Writing should be legible.

7) limitation  of Answer

The inspectors expect that each question has an answer that stretches to four or five pages. The appropriate response should be in legitimate arrangement with short passages and potentially sub-headings.

8) Your answers should be precise.



We strongly feel that you should retain a copy of your assignment response to avoid any unforeseen situation and append, if possible, a photocopy of this booklet with your response. 


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