You are currently viewing What is Multimedia? Mention some of the uses of Multimedia.

What is Multimedia? Mention some of the uses of Multimedia.

What is Multimedia? Mention some of the uses of Multimedia.

Multimedia is an interactive media and provides multiple ways to represent information to the user in a powerful manner. It provides an interaction between users and digital information. It is a medium of communication. Some of the sectors where multimedias is used extensively are education, training, reference material, business presentations, advertising and documentaries.

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Uses and Importance of Multimedia

Multimedia is a computer based synchronized system that includes text, audio, video, animation, graphics, interactive computing etc. It’s an amazing invention of modern communication technology. It enhances the utility of computer to the general people by enriching business, education, entertainment, medicare etc. The uses or importance of multimedia in different fields are discussed in the following:

Education: Multimedia has brought revolutionary changes in the field of education. It has made the system of education more attractive and effective than any other periods in the past. Now a day, multimedia presents the contents of education such as information, still and moving pictures, sounds pronunciations of words etc., clearly and attractively to the students. It is now possible to earn knowledge even staying at home through various multimedia softwares.

Entertainment: Invention of multimedia has opened a new horizon in the field of entertainment. Now a day, the various media of entertainment such as radio, television, VCR, VCD, record player etc., can be enjoyed through multimedia program. Besides this, playing games and drawing pictures in computer, on line chatting etc. are the contribution of multimedia

Marketing: In order to increase sales, large companies develop CD Rom software with different information like prices, uses, terms of sales etc of their products and services and distribute them to the probable customers. Therefore, the buyers can buy their required products by knowing the prices, terms of sale etc. from the CD even staying at home or office.

Communication: Today It has brought audio and videoconference. These computer and electronic based communication creates dynamism in business, social, political, economic and international activities.

Medicare: Uses of multimedia are also seen in medicare services. Today advices of doctors can be received even staying at home with the help of multimedia based electronic communication. Besides this, It is also used in diagnosing the diseases and prescribing medicines.

Helps in research: Researchers require different kinds of information to conduct their research and development works. Internet plays a vital role in obtaining the necessary information. By searching the Internet the researchers can gather their required information and make successful research.

Virtual Reality: Virtual reality is a technology which allows a user to interact with computer-simulated environment. The simulated environment can be similar to the real world. For example: simulation for pilot or combat or surgery training. This simulated environment can also differ significantly from reality, as in virtual reality games. This virtual reality is actually based on  bounder technology.

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