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IGNOU Provide Free education for transgenders

IGNOU  decide to provide free education to transgender or third gender. Vice Chancellor Ravindra kumar was talking about on  22nd Prof G Ram Reddy Lecture.  This is set to benefit 4000 plus transgenders in the state who have lost out on good job opportunities as they don’t have necessary qualifications, reported TOI.

IGNOU Provide Free education for transgenders

In a milestone judgment on April 2014, the Supreme Court made the “third sex” status for transsexuals. In their decision, judges K.S. Radhakrishnan and A.K. Sikri allowed legitimate acknowledgment to transsexuals or eunuchs as “third sexual orientation” and guided the middle government and states to regard them as socially and instructively in reverse classes for the reasons for reservation in admission to training and occupations, as announced by NDTV.


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In a statement  delivered, the Vice  chancellor of IGNOU, Ravindra Kumar said, “The varsity is pondering to set up a Swaminarayan Chair at its grounds, and start esteem schooling and mysticism programs by August 2017.”

“The coordinated effort will make every one of the focuses of Swaminarayan Sansthan in India and in abroad IGNOU study and test habitats for the projects,” he said. The prospectus for the course Pracheen Bhartiya Sabhyata Aivam Sanskriti is additionally in the last phase of endorsement, he said.


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