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IGNOU PGDHIVM Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

Demographically the second largest country in the world, India has also the third largest number of people living with HIV/AIDS. Available evidence on HIV epidemic in India shows a stable trend at national level. As per the provisional HIV estimate of 2008-09, there are an estimated 22.7 lakh people living with HIV/AIDS in India. The HIV prevalence rate in the country is 0.29 percent (2008-09) and most infections occur through heterosexual route of transmission. However in the north-eastern region, injecting drug use is the major cause for the epidemic spread.

The primary drivers of HIV epidemic in India are unprotected paid sex, unprotected sex between men and injecting drug use. Heterosexual route of transmission accounts for 87 percent of HIV cases detected. If students want to know about IGNOU  PGDHIVM course , we are providing complete information regarding  IGNOU  PGDHIVM course.

Programme Objectives

  • Imbibe comprehensive knowledge on basics of   HIV as related to details of management of HIV/AIDS in teritiary care set up;
  • Manage all complications as well as opportunistic infections due to HIV/AIDS at the time of need; and
  • Recognise and handle emergencies related to HIV/AIDS and its complication and take bedside decision for management whenever is required.


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Eligibility for IGNOU PGDHIVM  Programme


Medium of IGNOU PGDHIVM Programme

English & hindi

Duration of IGNOU PGDHIVM Programme

Minimum Duration of the programme: 1   year

Maximum Duration of the course: 3 Years



60000  rs

 PGDHIVM  Subjects


CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MCMM-001  Basics of HIV Infection  4
 MCMM-002  National AIDS Control Programme  4
 MCMM-003  Systemic Involvement in HIV and STI  4
 MCMM-004  Management of HIV/AIDS  6
 MCMML-005  Basics Practical  8
 MCMML-006  Clinical Practical  10


Programme Coordinator:

For further details, please contact the following:
Phone Number: +91-11-29572524/29572851


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