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IGNOU MADJ Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More


Development is a core need of people for democracy both nationally and internationally for planning, policy making and research agencies to serve the Sustainable development Goals.
India is positioned at a crucial juncture in 21st century and Development Communication is going to play a key role in addressing the issues and challenges in the way. Development communication essentially aims to bridge all the gaps in the process between the planning agencies on the one hand and all other stake holders in development process with a focused understanding of the masses.
PGDDC will help you acquire academic knowledge and professional skills. You will develop sound understanding of the core issues of the development process which will help you to find numerous employment opportunities in various Local, National and International Agencies



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Eligibility for IGNOU MADJ Programme

Graduate in any discipline

Medium of IGNOU MADJ  Programme


Duration of IGNOU MADJ Programme

Minimum Duration of the programme: 2   year

Maximum Duration of the course: 4 Years


10000  rs

MADJ  Subjects

First Year

CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MDC-001  Fundamentals of Development and Communication  6
 MDC-002  Human Development and Communication  6
 MDC-003  Media in Development Communication  6
 MDC-004  Development Journalism for Social Change  6
 MDC-005  Development: Information and Communication Technologies  6
 MDC-006  Media and Communication Theories  6

Second Year

CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MRD-103  Rural Development – Planning and Management  6
 RDD-7  Communication and Extension in Rural Development  6
 MDCE-006  Research Methods in Development Communication  6
 MDJ-001  Health Journalism  6
 MDJ-002  Environmental Journalism  6
 MDJ-003  Development Through Digital Media  6
 MDJP-004  Dissertation (MDJP-004)  6
 MDJP-005  Production Portfolio (MDJP-005)  6


Programme Coordinator:

 Dr. Ramesh Yadav
Call at: 011-29571606 / Office No.: 011-29571601
Fresh assignments are uploaded on IGNOU website for each course annually. Assignments
constitute the continuous evaluation component of a course and working on the assignments is
compulsory. There is one assignment for each theory course. You will have to submit the
assignments responses at the Study Centres. You will also have the option of submitting your
assignment online. These will be evaluated by Academic Counsellors within a specified time to
provide feedback to you.
You have to complete the assignments on time. You will not be allowed to appear for the termend-examination for a course if you do not submit the specified assignments in time for that
course. If you appear in term-end examination without submitting the assignments, then the
result of term-end examination is liable to be withheld /cancelled.
The main purpose of assignments is to test your comprehension of the learning material you
receive from us and also to help you get through the courses by providing feedback to you. The
information given in the self-learning material should be sufficient for answering the
assignments. Please do not worry about the non-availability of extra reading material for
working on the assignments. However, if you have easy access to other learning resources, you
may make use of them. But the assignments are designed in such a way to help you concentrate
mainly on the printed course material and make use of your personal experience.
For MADJ programme of 72 credits there are a total of 11 Tutor Marked Assignments (TMAs)
which are evaluated by the counsellors. Some of the assignments are knowledge based and some
are application based. Assignments which are knowledge based will require you to write essay
type answers. For answering applied type of assignments, you should apply the knowledge you
have gained through a Unit/Block/Course. In either case, the answers should be your own.
You must not reproduce text material verbatim or copy the information from other
sources. However, you can make use of the material and information you have at your disposal
17 | P a g e
in an innovative way. You can pick up ideas from whatever sources you may have. However,
plan and use them in your own words when you write the answers to the assignments.
The following norms have to be strictly practiced when you work on assignments:
 The answer should be precise, well documented and relevant to the question.
 Keep the word-limit of the answer in mind. A slight variation in length does not matter, but
your answer should not be too short or too lengthy. Avoid discussing minor issues at great
length. By setting a word-limit for some assignments, we mean to convey that a reasonably
adequate response can be presented within the suggested word-limit.
 Assignments are uploaded on IGNOU website
 The assignment responses should be complete in all respects. Before submission, you
should ensure that you have answered all the questions in all assignments as incomplete
answers bring poor grades.
 You must submit your assignments according to the schedule indicated in the assignments.
The University/Coordinator of the Study Centre has the right to reject the assignments
received after the due date. In case you get the assignments and study material late, the
assignment responses should be submitted within one month of the date of the receipt of
study material and assignment or within the due date given in the schedule whichever is
 For your own record, retain a copy of all the answers to assignments which you submit to
the Coordinator of your Study Centre. If you do not get back the evaluated assignments
within a month of their submission, please try to get them from your Study Centre
personally. This may help you to improve your answers for your future assignments.
 Maintain an account of all the corrected responses to assignments received by you after
evaluation. This will help you to correspond with the University in case any problem arises
in future.
 If you are unable to submit your assignments or are unable to score the minimum
qualifying marks is 40, you have to download, attempt and submit the assignments meant
for the next batch of students. Then you will have to submit it for subsequent sessions.
 In case you find that the score indicated in the assignment sheet of your assignments has
not been correctly reflected in your grade card, you are advised to contact the Coordinator
of your Study Centre with a request to forward correct authenticated award list (through
respective Regional Centre) to the Registrar, Student Evaluation Division, IGNOU.
 Once you get the pass marks in an assignment you cannot re-submit it for improvement of
marks. Assignments are not subject to re-evaluation except for factual errors, if any. The
discrepancy noticed by you in the evaluated assignments should be brought to the notice of
the Coordinator of your Study Centre.
 Do not enclose or express doubts for clarification, if any, along with the assignments.


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