You are currently viewing Write an account on the technical innovations and inventions in Medieval India.

Write an account on the technical innovations and inventions in Medieval India.

Write an account on the technical innovations and inventions in
Medieval India.

During the medieval times in India, the greatest Indian contribution was in the use of decimal system. The Indians also tried to calculate latitudes of some places which was based on the timings of the eclipse at different places. During the medieval period ( eleventh to eighteenth century) science and technology in India was influenced by two scenarios: First is the earlier ancient tradition and second is by Islamic and European tradition.

People were invited from Arabia, Persia and also from Central Asia to teach in the madarsas. Arithmetic, menstruation, geometry, public administration, astronomy, accountancy and agriculture were some subjects included in primary education. Although numerous efforts were made by the rulers of that time to reform the education system but science did not make much development.

Achievements in Science in Medieval India:

Achievements in scientific areas like astronomy and medicine continued from the Delhi Sultans as well as from Mughal Emperors and their nobility.

Besides using astronomy, is making calendars. it was also used for casting horoscopes. The kings of the Mughal period made many astronomical observations which in turn led to the construction of large sized observational instruments for fixing time and determining latitudes. In the field of geography, advancement was made in the form of World Atlas in which maps of different countries were prepared

In medicine Unani (Greek) system of medicine became popular Hakinis and vaids worked for the emperor. Surgery and orthopaedics were regularly practices.

From the study above we learnt that science in medieval India was at a slow pace as the learning was restricted only to a small elite group.

Technical Innovations and Inventions Medieval Period:

Technology was very advanced during the medieval period. Some technical devices like gearing, belt-drive, weaving, paper manufacturing, distillation, architecture, military technology, metal screws, ship-building and in some areas of agriculture were invented or improved in the medieval India.


Because of the complexity in the Indian society, European science became popular and the British were able to subjugate the country and make it their colony on the basis of science, technology and industry which, had developed. Religion, poverty and hunger were all the reasons for deprivation. Lack of printing techniques and education were two major factors for deprivation of growth of science in India. Due to all these factors there was no major revolution in science.



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