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Students should take this ignou mca project work very seriously, as these efforts will be considered as  6-months experience in most of the software companies. Topics selected should be complex and large enough to justify as a MCA project. Please do not undertake the topics/specifications from the MCS-044 (Mini Project) or don’t repeat the topic undertaken at BCA level, if you are from the BCA/MCA integrated mode. However, student can use MCS-044 guideline for reference.  The project should be genuine and original in nature and should not be copied from anywhere else. If found copied, the project report will be forwarded to the Exam Discipline Committee of the University as an Unfair means case for necessary action. In case of project resubmission, please confirm the fees and other details with the Regional Centre/Study Centre/website. Students should strictly follow and adhere to the MCSP-060 project guidelines.



                                                        CALENDAR FOR THE MCA PROJECT








Submission of a guide’s bio-data and project proposal at the following address:


The Regional Director of your Regional Centre



Twice a year as shown below:

1st April to 30th June


1st October to 31st  December


Approval of Project


30 days after the project proposal is received.


Submission of the Project Report (one copy) in bound form to:


The Regional Director of your Regional Centre


Twice a year as shown below:


1st  July to 30th September

(For Project Proposals that have been approved during the 1st April to 30th June slot)



1st  January to 31st March

(For Project Proposals that have been approved during 1st October to 31st December slot)


4. Viva-Voce to be conducted


In July  (For project reports submitted during 1st January – 31st March slot)


In January  (For project reports submitted during        1st July – 30th September slot)





  • Document Management System
  • Expo Management System
  • Hospital Management System
  • Hotel Management
  • Human Resource HR management system
  • Job Portal System
  • Labour profile management system
  • Logistic Management System
  • Online Billing Software
  • Project Central
  • Project Monitoring and Control
  • Sales and Purchase Management System
  • School Management System
  • Student Fee Management System
  • Supply Chain Management System
  • Travel Management System
  • Vehicle management system
  • Warehouse Management System
  • Budget Monitoring System
  • Cargo Tracking System
  • Education Manager
  • Realtime Network Monitoring Service
  • Training Tracker
  • Voting Software
  • Search Engine Projects
  • Automatic Search engine optimization
  • Blogging Enabled Social Network Site
  • Content Management System for Website
  • Load balancing for web server systems
  • PP Search Engine
  • Search Engine Optimizer
  • Search Engine Submission System
  • W XML Sitemap Generator
  • Web Administration tool for Database
  • Network Projects
  • Network Data Toolset
  • Port Scan Detection for Internet Backbone
  • SMTP/POP Mail Server
  • Snort portscan
  • Snort preprocessor
  • TCP Network Server
  •  Privacy Preserving Data Mining system.
  •  Distributed middleware for web services using advanced secured system
  •  Network signature based on intrusion detection system
  •  Mining prefetching and caching for network storage system
  •  Voice diffusion system
  •  Semantic web services on query based system for automatic invocation
  •  Dynamic load balancing for distributed mobile mining
  •  Web content adaptation to improve server overload
  •  Classified maintenance and process control system using SOA
  •  Video Synthesis and monitoring System
  •  Banyan Trade Capture System Using SOA
  •  Advertisement Tracking System Using SOA
  •  E-Blotter for mobile shop management Tool
  •  Mobile Shop Maintenance System Using Desktop Application
  •  Open Source Data Feeding System Using Web .
  •  Management Information Maintenance process using AJAX Tool Kit
  •  Unveils Strategic framework for client relationships and monitoring system
  •  Web Portal Real Time Operational cognitive Content Management System
  •  Information Barrier and Control Program Implementation
  •  Procuring Information and reconciliation maintenance system
  •  Information Control System Using .Net
  •  Mortgage controller and Trade Capture System
  •  Dynamic Demand Resource management Framework using Web .
  •  Multi-Million Dollar maintenance Using WLS Algorithms
  •  Integration of Data source for answering Semantic Web Service
  •  Work In Progress management System
  •  I-Recruit monitoring System
  •  Chit-chat generation and discussion analysis Process
  •  E-blotter management and code endeavour control system
  •  Aurora system for job mailer and scheduler Networks
  •  A Security oriented chat scheduler for heterogeneous Distributed system
  •  Real time Blog generation and control access and denial system
  •  Information Streaming process and security control system using SOA
  • Design of Intranet Mail System
  • Development of a Distributed Systems Simulator for Event Based Middleware
  • A Smart phone Application to remotely a PC over the internet
  • Network Protocol Verification Using Linear Temporal Logic
  • Virtual Routing Network Emulation Frame Work
  • A Multihoming Solution for effective load balancing
  • Implementing a Linux Cluster
  • Improving the efficiency of Memory Management in Linux by Efficient Page
  • Replacement Policies.
  • Experimenting with Code Optimizations on SUIF (Stanford University Intermediate
  • Intranet Caching Protocol
  • A DBMS with SQL Interpreter
  • Developing an Organically Growing Peer to Peer Network
  • Analysis of Routing Models in Event Base Middlewares
  • Analysis of Event Models in Event based Middle ware
  • Integration of Heterogeneous Databases Into XML Format with Translator
  • Information Management and Representation Using Topic Maps
  • Face Recognition Using Artificial Neural Networks
  • Video Conferencing with Multicast Support
  • Collaborative Span Filtering Using Centralized Incrementally Learning Spam Rules
  • Hierarchical Data Back Up
  • Automated Generation of Cycle Level Simulators for Embedded Processors.
  • Mini Projects By M.Techs
  • Fingerprint Image Enhancement
  • Dept Library Management System
  • Linux Kernel Enhancement
  • Cloth Animation & Dynamics.
  • Linux Kernel (Memory Management)
  • Image Steganography
  • Web Enabled Opinion Poll System For NITC
  • Application Of Bayesian Networks To Data Mining
  • Triple crypt Using Vector Displacement Algorithm
  • Network Analysis
  • Feed Forward Neural Networks
  • IP Sniffer
  • Project Management System
  • Cryptographic Engine
  • Fault-Tolerant TCP
  • Enhancing The Algorithms
  • Time Table Information System
  • Online Library System
  • Implementing an interface for transliteration
  • Simulation of the IA Instruction Set Architecture
  • Simple FTP Client
  • Text Editor for Linux Platform
  • Exam Server
  • Online Bulletin Board
  • Project Server
  • Developing GUI for IP Tables Configuration
  • Academic planner
  • Online Election Software for Hostel Election
  • Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithm using NS
  • Alumni Software
  • Bandwidth management Tool
  • Implementation of Scalar Optimizations
  • Online Banking
  • Distributed Workgroup File Indexer
  • Managing Linux Distributions
  • Network Sniffer
  • Simulating Routing Algorithms in Java
  • A Tool For Network Auditing(ping and Port Scanning, TCP/IP Finger printing
  • An alternative semantics for error and exceptional handling
  • Online Counseling software


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  • course home page generator
  • Web application
  • An Interpretor for lambda calculus with some extensions
  • course home page generator
  • Probabilistic Techniques for cache replacement
  • Implementation of Download wizard for simultaneous downloads
  • Online Share Trading
  • Online Counseling
  • Transfer Program in Java Using Protocols like FTP,SMB,HTTP,SSH
  • Transfer Program in Java Using Protocols like FTP,SMB,HTTP,SSH
  • Using Genetic Algorithms for testcase generation for finite state machines
  • A study of the Linux Operating system, Development of useful System programs
  • subsequently implementing a GUI Providing a certain useful functionality
  • Online Shopping
  • Text to Speech conversion
  • Hostel elections voting software
  • Code optimization: Implementation of scalar optimizations
  • A Web based academic monitoring system
  • My SQL Administrative tool kit
  • Error handling for syntax analysis
  • Online Student Registration
  • Final Project by M.Techs ( currently reports are not available)
  • Operating system enhancements to prevent the misuse of system calls.
  • Type systems and applications to safety.
  • Spatial and temporal database (queries for retrieving data)
  • Adaptive distributed event model.
  • Improving TCP performance in adhoc networks.
  • Model checking for protocol verification.
  • Type systems and it’s application to safe and efficient code.
  • Exact functional context matching for web services.
  • A new methodology for representation of TCP performance in TCPSF.
  • Adaptive event based middleware architecture.
  • Intelligent agents.
  • Optimizing pattern matching algorithm in intrusion detection.
  • Information retrieval from textual corpus.
  • Direction queries in spatio-temporal databases.
  • Secure routing.
  • Audio processing of movies.
  • Secure Conferencing System
  • Web based Linux Administration
  • Wireless Search Engine
  • Hostel Election Software
  • Performance Enhancement of HTTP using improved TCP Functionalities
  • Adding Functionalities to Libpcap
  • Performance Evaluation of an Efficient Multicast Routing Protocol
  • Development of an OS Framework for a MIPS Simulator
  • Secure Mail Server
  • Development of an OS Framework for a MIPS Simulator
  • Development of an OS Framework for a MIPS Simulator
  • Academic per-to-peer Network
  • Secure Mail Server
  • Distributed System simulator for Publish-Subscribe Model
  • Data Integration
  • Web based Linux Administration
  • Interface for Mobile Phone and PDA using JME
  • Distributed System simulator for Publish-Subscribe Model
  • Distributed System simulator for Publish-Subscribe Model
  • Contact Reminder
  • Direct Information System
  • Course Home Page Generator
  • Campus Online Help Desk
  • Online Class Register
  • Mail Server Utility
  • Hostel Election Software
  • Collaborative Web Browsing
  • Web based Application for Multiple Clients
  • Testing TooL
  • Some other Topics
  • Bus reservation system
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)
  • Handwritten Document Analysis using DIP
  • Image Viewer and Editor
  • Library Management System
  • Matrix Calculator
  • Media Player Classic
  • Program with d array and logic to solve rubric cube.
  • Proxy
  • Student Information system
  • Java Project Ideas for MCA includes:-
  • An XML interface to the Java Object Library Toolkit (JOLT) Spreadsheet
  • Day Planner
  • Electronic voting System
  • Home banking system
  • Hospital Information System
  • Library management System
  • Online Web Conferencing
  • Video Rental System
  • Web-based Photo Album Viewer
  • VB Projects Ideas for MCA includes:-
  • E -Voting System
  • Easy Web Browser
  • Hotel Management System
  • MetaSearch Engines
  • Student Information System ( on demand)
  • Voxx Speech Recognition project
  • Web loan Calculator
  • PHP Projects Ideas for MCA includes:-
  • Advanced Ticketing System
  • Attendance Management System
  • Blogging Platform With PHP
  • Build Auction Site or Site That Interact With Online Users.
  • Discussion Forums
  • Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP)
  • Leave Application Management System
  • Movie Rental Systems
  • Online Banking System
  • Online Hospital Management
  • Online Movie Ticket Reservation System
  • Online Photo Gallery System
  • Online Shopping
  • Reservation Systems
  • To output the timing schedule
  • Code optimization: Implementation of scalar optimizations
  • Online Objective test
  • Performance Evaluation of Routing Algorithm using NS
  • IA ISA Simulation
  • Text to Speech conversion
  • Auction simulator using agents
  • Customizing Proxy Web server
  • Auction simulator using agents
  • Implementation of cryptographic protocols in oblivious signature based envelope
  • ( OSBE to handle cyclic policy interdependency)
  • NITC Student information system
  • Implementation of the gaming software
  • Online Library Management system


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