Write a paragraph of about 150 words on the topic given below. Underline the topic sentence after writing the paragraph “The importance of good communication skills in the workplace.”

Effective communication occurs when a message is sent and received accurately. A simple belief that you are communicating information and passing the messages properly in your workplace may not necessarily mean that it is effective.

Workplace communication is an important element to achieving better understanding and productivity. It ensures that employees are confident with the work at hand and are correctly undertaking the work.

5 ways to good communication skill  at the workplace

1. Meetings

It is the most common way to better communicate, it is simple but the hardest to practice even for the top ladder too. When employees feel that they are being listened to they feel more involved and valued. This can help to improve employee engagement.

2. Precise Communication

Time is the most important asset in today’s world and at the workplace is of utmost importance, instead of dragging out your discussion, it’s pertinent to keep the discussion short and to the point for effectiveness.

3. Communication style

Refining your communication style can be of great help, this can be well defined by responding to your customers, colleagues or employees be deciding the frequency and tool for communicating like messaging, phone call, or video call.

4. Clarification

If the skill of asking questions could be imparted since schooling days it would be a great start. Most organizations bear the brunt of assumptions and presumptions. Sometimes a simple clarifying question can avert the mistakes.

5. Open-mindedness

By keeping an open mind you’re willing to enter into a dialogue with someone whose opinion you may not agree with, and you may surprise yourself by the end of it. Your conversations will be more honest and productive too.


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