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What is IGNOU podcast ?

The  IGNOU, has pitched a podcast series with the motto ‘Freedom to Learn’. To Learn’ that gives experiences to the labor force and society to investigate better approaches for attempting to support in these exceptional occasions.


The institute said that the web recording arrangement is focused on its “various student base”. “This is a novel activity and is a stage towards democratizing training and adaptable learning as Open Educational Resources (OER),” the college said in an authority explanation.


Nageshwar Rao, Vice-Chancellor, IGNOU launched the series with the aim  ‘Freedom to Learn’. Students can  access to podcast from ignou main website, Pro Vice-Chancellors of the university Prof. R.P. Das; Prof. K.B.Das and Prof. Satyakam also shared their views on how the platform can be used to reach a wide audience..


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Prof. Nageshwar Rao, Vice-Chancellor of IGNOU, during the drove through Facebook live, praised the facilitators for the activity and furthermore lauded the quickness with which it has been turned out with the assistance of COE, IGNOU. Prof. Rao further added: “The educational plans of different schools and internet guiding ought to likewise be made piece of the Podcast to help the more extensive arrangement of students.”

The stage is planned and made by Professor Uma Knajilal mem, Director, Center for Online Education (COE). On the dispatch of the digital broadcast, IGNOU Professor Nageshwar Rao said that the educational plan of different schools and web-based advising ought to likewise be made piece of the Podcast to serve the more extensive arrangement of students.

The platform also gives digital resources by which the learners can get the latest insights on various interdisciplinary and contemporary topics.

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