You are currently viewing IGNOU Extension of last date of submission Assignments Dec 2020

IGNOU Extension of last date of submission Assignments Dec 2020


Do you want to know of ignou submission date of assignment Dec 2020 session?  here we are proving information regarding the last date of submission assignments. we are proving information that ignou extend the last date of submission assignments of Dec 2020 session.  this is the notice.



(Assignment Section)
Nos MUSEUMS/2020

Dated: l October, 2020

‘The  last date for submission of Assignment. eligible to appear in ‘l’lili December. 2020 i.e.
registered in January. 2020 Session (Annual Programmes) 8; July. 2020 Session (Sis
months/Semester based Programmes). is extended from the present date i.e. 30.09.2020
to S1-._ltl.2020 for  Decemler,2t)20 TEE, due to postponement of learner support srviice
activities at all Regional Centers/Learner Support Centers (LSC) across the country. as a
prcyentlve measures to contain the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID -l‘)). ‘The
assignment will be accepted/submitted on the same pattern as done for June-2020 ‘l‘lili
through Online & Offline mode. as per the Circular already issued by the Regional Service
Division vidc their letter no. lG/RSD/Circular/2020/2883 on 13/03/2020.

All the Regional Directors are requested to display this information on their Website and
Notice Boards of the Regional Centres. RCs shall also write to respective Study Centres to
display the information on the Notice Boards as well as announce in the Counseling


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Head. Computer Division is requested to upload the information on the home page of
IGNOU Website & CPRO may publish the same in leading news papers for information.


This issues with the approval of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor.


Distribution to: .


  •  All the Regional Centres
  •  Director. SSC. IGNOU qurs.
  • Head. Computer Division
  •  C PRO


Copy to:

  • All the Directors of Schools
  • Deputy Director. VCO
  • PS to PVC (Prof. RP Das)
  • PS to PVC (Prof. Satyakam)
  • PS to PVC (ProlIKBDas)
  • Director. RSD
  • Registrar. SR1)
  • Director. EMPC
  • Registrar. MPDD
  • Deputy Director (Soft). MPDD
  • AR (Store-I) & AR (Store-ll). MPDD
  • AR (SSC). MPDD
  • AR (Assignment Section)
  • SPA to R (SED)

Note.   all content of respected ignou .   December 2020 (


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