You are currently viewing IGNOU TS 4 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2022-23


1. What is “Archaeological Site”? Discuss tourism importance of archaeological sites. 20
2. How tourism and culture is interlinked? Substantiate your answer by giving suitable
examples. 20
3. What do you mean “World Heritage Sites”? Describe features of 5 world heritage sites.
4. Elaborate the process of “World Heritage Site declaration”. 20
5. Discuss the growth and development of music during early years of 20th century. 20
6. What is the role of cinema in tourism marketing? Give suitable examples. 20
7. Write short notes on: (2 x 10=20)
a) Unity in Diversity
b) Syncretic Tradition
8. Describe various ways in which museum articles are acquired. 20
9. Describe some of the main forms of Indian Costumes. Give Examples. 20
10. Write short notes on: (2x 10=20)
a) Conservation of Heritage
b) Modern paintings

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