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IGNOU   is one of the largest universities in the world. . IGNOU  provide distance education to learners . The international division for IGNOU was set up on 16th October 1997 as a Cell and in the year 2002, it was upgraded to the status of a full-fledged Division.   If students want to study  IGNOU Sri lanka , we are providing information regarding IGNOU sri lanka centre.

The division also functions as the coordinating authority for Overseas Study Centres located in many countries across the globe. The IGNOU international division offers selected courses to FRSI’s (through Regional Centres in India) and to Overseas Students (through Overseas Study Centres of the University). The international division has expanded its academic courses and different regional centres in various parts of  South Asia, the Middle East, and African nations.

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The main motive of IGNOU partnership with other countries is to promote IGNOU programs outside India and to offer IGNOU course material to foreign institutions/Universities. It helps the universities in establishing bilateral and multilateral co-operation and exchanges.

So if you are living in SriLanka and looking for study at IGNOU University now you can easily do that because IGNOU offers different courses for overseas students in SriLanka. With over 20+ courses in the country.


Here you can find the details about IGNOU partner for SriLanka educational Centre, and its contact details, offered courses, fee structure, and much more.

S. No. OSC Code &         Country Name & Address of Overseas Study Centre Programs on Offer
1  9702, Sri Lanka Regent International Institute of Higher Studies No. 5, Mudungoda, Miriswatta Gampaha, Sri Lanka Tele: +94-33-4670388/2224559, 777554694 FAX: +94-33-4670388 Email: Contact Person: Mr Anura Gunasekhra BAG,BCOMG, BAH, BTS, MBA, PGDFM, PGDHRM, PGDMM, PGDOM, PGDDM, PGDFMP, PGDHE, MADE, MEG, MEC, MPA, MLIS, MTTM, BLIS, PGJMC, DNHE, DTS, CNCC, CFN,CTS, CTE,CIG, CDM, DECE


Now you can easily start your courses in Sri Lanka with highly popular IGNOU program courses. Enroll yourself in one of the above study centres and start studying your IGNOU courses in Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka students can visit their nearby study centres for any query, questions, and a lot more things!

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