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IGNOU CIB Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

The Post Graduate Diploma in the Novel looks at the genre of the novel and takes into consideration three major literary traditions of the novel. The course focuses on the writings of the greatest British novelists and their finest works, on various aspects of the novel as a genre, and discusses each novel against its social and cultural contexts. The programme also exposes learners to the major novelists in American Literature through a study of their representative novels and traces the development of the Australian novel, its colonial history up to the present times. And lastly we look at an integral part of the curricula at colleges and universities across the globe – literary theory and criticism, beginning from classical times, including romantic criticism, new criticism, feminist theories, deconstruction and contemporary theories.

Eligibility for IGNOU PGDMM Programme

Graduate degree in any discipline with Science in 10+2


Graduate degree in any discipline without Science in 10+2 but with 2 years of working experience as a medical representative in a pharma industry.


Medium of IGNOU PGDMM  Programme


Duration of IGNOU PGDMM Programme

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 3 Years


Course Fee: Rs. 7300

 PGDMM  Subjects

Course Code
Title of the Course
Course Credits
MEG – 05
Literary Theory & Criticism
MEG 03
British Novel
MEG 11
American Novel
MEG 19
Australian Novel
Total Credits
32 Credits


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