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IGNOU PGDRPC Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

The Post Graduate Diploma  Rehabilitation Psychology is a field in which psychological principles are applied to the assessment and intervention/care of people with disability (injury/illness). It covers human life stages from early childhood to late adulthood. Rehabilitation psychologists help people to overcome barriers of their daily
living through research, practice, and advocacy. The newly offered professional programme Post Graduate Diploma in Rehabilitation Psychology (PGDRPC) is according to norms and guidelines of Rehabilitation Council of India (RCI). The programme covers in-depth theoretical concepts related to disability, rehabilitation, assessment, and counselling, and community-based rehabilitation. The practical training will help the learner in identification, assessment, and intervention in the field of disability and rehabilitation.

Eligibility for IGNOU PGDRPC Programme

Bachelor’s Degree (regular mode) with General Psychology courses in all the three years;
Master’s Degree in any branch of Psychology either in regular or distance mode;
Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology either in regular or distance mode

Criteria for Merit List

The merit of the candidate will be determined as per the following:
1. Bachelor’s Degree Marks in percentage (30% weightage)
2. Master’s Degree Marks in percentage (70% weightage)
3. Aggregate marks in percentage (out of 100)
The merit list will be finalized based on the above criteria. The following other conditions
may be imposed as the tiebreaker rule:
a. Master’s degree marks will get priority
b. If the tie persists after the rule ‘a’, then Date of Birth will be considered


Medium of IGNOU PGDRPC  Programme


Duration of IGNOU PGDRPC Programme

Minimum Duration: 1.6  Year
Maximum Duration: 3 Years


Course Fee: Rs. 20000

PGDRPC  Subjects


Total Seats: 200
Total Credits of the Programme: 32


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