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IGNOU MAPC Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

Hello friends, do you want to take admission in IGNOU MAPC (Master of Arts in Psychology) Programmme? And do you want to know the complete information about this course in detail? So do read this post till the end because I am going to give you complete information about IGNOU’s MAPC Course in this post.

In this course you will be taught about base of psychology, depth investigation about human behavior, psychology theory and techniques and skills. This program is useful for students who want to do post graduation in psychology and who want to make a career in it.

Eligibility of IGNOU MAPC Programme

To take admission in this program, you must have a Bachelor’s Degree in any discipline from any recognized university.

Medium of IGNOU MAPC Programme

You can read this program of IGNOU only in the English language.

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Duration of IGNOU MAPC Programme

To complete this program, you are given at least 2 year and maximum 4 years, during this period you will have to pass all your subjects.


The fee of this program changes every year, so my advice is that you must know its fee once before taking admission in it.


I am giving below all the subjects that IGNOU provides for this program. You have to choose subjects of total 64 credits in this program.

IGNOU MAPC 1st Year Subjects

  • MPC 1 – Cognitive Psychology, Learning and Memory
  • MPC 2 – Life Span Psychology
  • MPC 3 – Personality: Theories and Assessment
  • MPC 4 – Advanced Social Psychology
  • MPC 5 – Research Methods in Psychology
  • MPC 6 – Statistics in Psychology
  • MPCL 7 – Practicum in Experimental Psychology & Psychological Testing

IGNOU MAPC 2nd Year Subjects (Choose any one group)

Group A: Clinical Psychology

  • MPCE 11 – Psychopathology
  • MPCE 12 – Psychodiagnostics
  • MPCE 13 – Psychotherapeutic methods
  • MPCE 14 – Practicum in Clinical Psychology
  • MPCE 15 – Internship
  • MPCE 16 – Project

Group B: Counselling Psychology

  • MPCE 21 – Counselling Psychology
  • MPCE 22 – Assessment in Counselling and Guidance
  • MPCE 23 – Interventions in Counselling
  • MPCE 24 – Practicum in Counselling Psychology
  • MPCE 25 – Internship
  • MPCE 26 – Project

Group C: Industrial and Organizarional Psychology

  • MPCE 31 – Organisational Behaviour
  • MPCE 32 – Human Resource Development
  • MPCE 33 – Organisational Development
  • MPCE 34 – Practicum in Industrial and Organisational Psychology
  • MPCE 35 – Internship
  • MPCE 36 – Project


Now I hope that you have got a lot of information about IGNOU’s MAPC Program and you will have learned a lot about it.

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  1. Suresh

    I registered for MAPC during Jan 2021. I did not appear into counselling or assignment or examination during 2021.
    I want to rejoin the 1st year contact classes from August 2022. Whom do I contact to start my 1st year contact classes and assignments?

    I also wanted to change my region from Hyderabad to Delhi. How to change it?

    Please guide on these 2 points.



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