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IGNOU Fee exemption to SC/ST Students for July 2020


Planning and Development Division


In supersession to the notification issued on 19th May 2020 with reference to the scheme of
fee exemption of SC/ST students of IGNOU under SCST/TSP Grant, it is being notified that the
benefits of fee exemption is extended to the students belonging to SC/ST categories seeking
fresh admission in July 2020 admission cycle with the following conditions:

a) The benefits of scheme is extended only in the academic programme given in the

b) The scheme is not available for modular certificate/diploma programme which form
part of a degree programme.

c) SC/ST applicants who are eligible and willing to avail the benefits of fee exemption
shall submit their application in online mode along with softcopy of documents
required for the claim. SRD will certify the claim certificate in online mode.

d) Beneficiaries, who are enrolling simultaneously in a certificate level programme along
with an under-graduate programme, shall be eligible for fee exemption only in one
e) This scheme shall not be available to employed SC/ST applicants.

f) Students who are taking the benefits exemption/reimbursement of fee from any other
source/agency shall also not be eligible for fee exemption.

g) An undertaking to the effect that the candidate is not getting any benefits of this
nature from any other agencies/ sources during the period of study is to be taken
along with online applications.


This notification is issued with approval of the CA.


Digitally Signed by Dr. Pankaj Khare
Director, Planning and Development Division


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Encl: Anneuxre-I

1. All Regional Directors
2. Director(s) of School of Studies, Heads of Divisions, Centres, Units
3. Registrar)S) Admin., SRD, SED and MPDD
4. Finance Officer, IGNOU
5. Director, RSD
6. Head, Computer Division with request to public notification on IGNOU’s websites
7. DD, VCO for kind information to Vice-Chancellor



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