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IGNOU Correction and change in name

IGNOU Correction and change in name

students might fill their form incorrectly or might have changed their residential location while pursuing a certain course. IGNOU has options for such candidates to change their address. Address should be filled out properly by the candidate, during registration to avoid unnecessary consequences. we will provide help regarding IGNOU Correction and change in name.


Misspelled names can have a huge toll on your career if the names spelled incorrectly on the  certificates as they are the only legitimate proof of your completion and guaranteed knowledge of that particular course.So one must check properly while filling out the quintessential details like name , Date of Birth e.t.c.,


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Types of request for a change  in the name


  1. Minor correction in spelling of the student’s name/father’s name/guardian’s name
  2. Change in full name
  3. Change in 1st   /MiddIe/Last name (Partial change in name)
  4. Addition/deletion of surname
  5. Change In surname after
  6. Change in address


Terms and condltlons for eritertalnirig the request for crange in name In all types as mentloned above.


  • Application for change in name will be en\ertained before the student is awarded Degree/Diploma and Certificate in the


  • Application for change In name Shall not be entertained, under any Circumstances, if the student has been awarded Degree/Diploma and Certificate in the Convocation or the Convocation has already been


  • The student will have to apply in the prescribed application form for this


  • The requisite lee for this purpqse is 500/-.


  • The student will have to return the original Statement of Marks/Grade Card and Provisional Certificate, If issued to him earlier with previous


In case, the request of the student Is entertainable, the following documents are required to be submitted by the student alongwith the apgllcation for this purpose –



S.No            Types of request ”     Document  required                                                                         “
1. Minor cnrrection in spelling of the studcnt’s name/father’s

name/guardian’s name.

Self atested copy of Class 1O’certificate issued by recognlzed Board“ of Education/Aadhar Card                                                                               ‹
2. Change jn full name Newspaper cuttings (in original) as proof of the advertisement published with regard to charlie in name in at łeast two łndf«n leading daily newspąpers,


Affidavit, in original, on non-judicial Stamp Paper of the appropriate value swori• in before 1st Class Magistrate specifying the change in the name;


Gazette Notification, in original, reflecting the chartge ef name.

3. Change in lst/MiddIe/Last name (Partial change in name)


Newspaper cuttings (in original) as proof of the advertisement

published with regard to change in name In at least two Indizn leading daily newspapers/ Aadhar Card.

4. Addition/deletion of surname Self attested copy of Class 10* certificate issued by recognised Board of Education/Aadhar Card
5. Cha ge in surname after marriage Proot of marriage i.e. a ‹elf attested copy of marriage registration certificate issued by the competent authority in case of female student applying for change in surname due to marriage/Aadhar
6. Change in address Aadhar Card/any other document issued by Govt. /Govt. ‹organisation




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