Discuss the role of print media vis-a-vie electronic media?

Difference Between Print Media and Electronic Media

What is Print Media?

It is a form of mass media in which it shares the news or concerning pieces of information via the printed form of publications. Print media is the oldest means by which people still share information across an entire group of audiences. It only publishes info in a printed form (hard copy) and then releases it to its users to make it more reader-friendly than the electronic media.

Some very popular types of print media include books, magazines, newspapers, etc. No live reporting, live discussion, or live show is possible with the print media. It follows the methodology of an interval update.

What is Electronic Media?

It is a form of mass media that shares news or any other pieces of information via an electronic medium to all of the viewers and audiences. Electronic media serves as a very advanced means of sharing data and info/ news. In this type of media, the publisher needs to upload the information (or broadcast it)- after which any user can easily view it through their electronic mediums (devices). Thus, it acts more user-friendly than print media.

Some of the most popular types of electronic media include mobile app news, television news, desktop streams, and many more. As a matter of fact, electronic media makes it possible for its users to hold live discussions, live updates, live reporting, etc. It is because this media makes use of a method of an immediate update.

Print media and electronic media are constantly competing with one another in an effort to surpass one another. Each of the two mediums has a specific set of characteristics that distinguish them apart from the other. These fundamental difference between print media and electronic media are as follows.

Print Media VS Electronic Media
Print Media Electronic Media
Print media is a type of mass communication that uses printed materials to provide news and information. Electronic media is a term used to describe a type of mass media that uses electronic energy to produce, transmit, and obtain news and information.
Print media tends to keep its form. Therefore a book’s content remains constant over the course of its existence. Electronic material can be edited and sent to other viewers, such as information, videos, songs, and messages.
It connects to the earliest types of media. It is an improved type of media.
It is reader-friendly media. It is a viewer-friendly media.
Books, magazines, and newspapers are among their primary forms. The radio, television, internet, and other media are the major forms.
Print media has a restricted audience because it only covers a specific area, city, state, etc. Electronic media has a global audience and can transmit information anywhere in the world.
Live performance, live conversation, and live reporting are not provided in print media. In electronic media, live events, including shows, discussions, and reporting, are feasible.
Print media’s coverage area is constrained and, in comparison to electronic media, is smaller. The reach of electronic media is greater.

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