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Course Code                          :           BCSL-013

Course Title                           :           Computer Basics and PC Software

Assignment Number             :           BCA(1)/L-013/Assignment/2021-22

Maximum Marks                                     : 100

Weightage                              :           25%

Last date of Submission       :           31st October, 2021(For July Session)

                                                :           15th April, 2022 (For January Session)


Answer all the questions in the assignment which carry 80 marks in total. Rest 20 marks are for viva voce. You may use illustrations and diagrams to enhance the explanations. Please go through the guidelines regarding assignments given in the Programme Guide for the format of presentation. Make suitable assumption if necessary


Section I: Linux


Q1:      (a)        Execute the following Linux commands and write its output.                 (6 Marks)


  • date (ii) history      (iii) find      (iv) head    (v) grep    (vi) du


  • Write commands to execute the following tasks: (4 Marks)


  • Examine files and displays whether the file contains data, text
  • Show one line summary of system
  • Find out free space on disk.


  • (i) Display the last 10 lines of a                                                        (2 Marks)
  • List all the files stored in /sbin. (2 Marks)
  • Write all the steps to add extra (2 Marks)


Section II: Power point


Q2:                  Create a Power Point Presentation on the important features of Windows OS (minimum 10 slides)                                                                                                       (16 Marks)

  • All slides should follow the common design format
  • Add a video to at least one slide which can be run on full screen option (iii)All the slides should have timer based transition.
  • All the slides should have perform heading and slide
  • Each slide should have one image related to Windows operating


Create the following formulas using superscript and subscript features.           (4 Marks)

A5 B6 C7

Section III: Spreadsheet


Q3:      Below are the details of percentage increase of prices of certain products. You are required to create a spreadsheet in approximate format for the sample labels and data and create a formula for a new price. Place the heading of the spreadsheet as “Increased cost of products” at the centre.       (16 Marks)

Increased cost of products

Product code Existing cost ( ) to Increase Revised Price ( )
P1 7000.00 20%
P2 9000.00 25%
P3 12000.00 30%
P4 5000.00 10%
P5 6000.00 26%


Section IV: Power Point


Q4:                  Create a power point presentation, which should include the following details.

(12 Marks)

  • All the slides should have proper heading and should have slide
  • Except the first slide, all the remaining slides should have common format.
  • There should be a sound effect while moving from one slide to another slide.
  • Add a video to at least one slide which can be run in play full screen option.


Section V: Outlook


Q5:      As a lab instructor you are required to reschedule your practical classes on BCSL-013.

You are required to fix time slots for every batch, book a lab and other resource and inform students and counselor through an email.


  • Write all the options available in outlook to fulfill the scenario above. (6 Marks)
  • Collaborate online (in-a group) through Google Docs or Yahoo group to create a presentation on mobile All the groups should work on the presentation simultaneously from their respective computers. (10 Marks)


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