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IGNOU PGDGI Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

The Post-Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics (PGCGI) is a continuing education programme that intends to familiarise learners with the basic concepts of geoinformatics technologies. Geoinformatics technologies deal with acquisition, storage, processing and dissemination of spatial information. Geoinformatics is an emerging field and demand for geoinformatics professionals is increasing by the day due to its application potential in several fields such as rural and urban planning, environmental monitoring, natural resources management, management of natural hazards and disasters, etc. This programme is built around concepts and skills at the basic level to make it easy for a learner who wishes to understand how geoinformatics can be put to practical use.


The School of Education Department  is one of the Schools of Studies in the IGNOU ‘s University. It develop specialists to be engaged in educational discourses and knowledge generation. It also gives  for the professional development of teachers and educational managers at different levels of education.  The School of Education (SOE) has given the mandate to develop academic programmes in education as an area of knowledge and as a field of professional practice.

we live in an era that is characterised by technological advancements that are so
dynamic that at times it goes beyond our imagination. In the rapidly changing world,
geoinformatics has a special status. Use of geoinformatics for monitoring environment
and human activities on the Earth’s surface, with a view to improve Earth’s environment
began during the 1970s. The early weather images from India’s own INSAT series of
satellites brought the applications of space technology into the lives of the common
man. While undoubtedly, we need a change in our attitudes and lifestyles to mitigate the
human impact on environment, technology plays a crucial role in helping us make
environmentally appropriate decisions. And, geoinformatics technologies provide
appropriate methodologies to analyse spatial information about the Earth.
Geoinformatics technologies include Remote Sensing (RS), Photogrammetry,
Cartography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Spatial Decision Support Systems
(SDSS) and Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS). The geoinformatics
technologies have witnessed significant developments over the last few decades,
which have led to widespread use of the technologies in different fields and disciplines.
Geoinformatics is central to all the disciplines which use data recognised by their
locations. It has now become an important tool for decision makers across a wide
range of disciplines, researchers and academia and also for national survey and
mapping organisations, industries, environmental agencies, and local and national
governments. With the widespread use of the geoinformatics technologies, need for professionals and
researchers adept in the use of the technologies has prompted the introduction of the
Post Graduate Certificate in Geoinformatics (PGCGI) Programme.


The objectives of the programme are to enable the participants:
i)To obtain a point of view in regards to the arrangement of advanced education in India, its unique circumstance, its capacities and its linkages with other framework  ;
ii) To provide  professional competencies\ associated with an effective university teacher,
iii) To attempt direction/supplemental classes for professional success as this program have been concurred proportionality by the UGC ,
iv) To make readiness to undertake reforms and innovations in the practice of higher education.

Graduate in any discipline from a recognised university.

Medium of IGNOU PGDGI  Programme


Duration of IGNOU PGDGI  Programme

Minimum Duration: 6 month
Maximum Duration: 2 Years


Course Fee: Rs. 6000

PGDGI  Subjects


CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MGY-001  Introduction to Geoinformatics  4
 MGY-002  Remote Sensing and Image Interpretation  4
 MGY-003  Global Navigation Satellite System and Geographic Information System  4
 MGYL-004  Geoinformatics Practical  4



Programme Coordinator:  PGDHE 011-29572934 School of Education Tel.: 91-11-29535519/29572934 Fax: 91-11-29534227


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