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Do you need pgdet project?  Are you a working person or you have no idea about making an pgdet project?  we will make   pgdet project with approval surety in Delhi campus ignou Maidan Garhi.

“Project Study is the method of study of all the variables involved in a given project by the application of various scientific principles, statistical and management techniques with the aim of arriving at a set of feasible and practical solutions, one of which provides the most optimum option to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of the ultimate aim involved for which the project study has been ordered.”

The project attempts to provide you with an opportunity to put into practice the theoretical concepts enunciated in the first four courses and also suggests a mechanism for practising the necessary skills. It has been designed in such a way that there is an array of activities related to each of the theoretical courses. Each activity has been assigned credits that range from half to three. This has been done on the basis of the estimation of the hours that would be required to complete an activity. This manual has been developed to provide you with the details of the activities comprising the project work as well as to guide you in carrying out your project work. Therefore, be sure to read this manual carefully before you initiate your work.



  • Title of the study
  • literature review
  • Research  methodology
  • Data  collection &  Data  interpretation
  • Results
  • Suggestions, Recommendations, Conclusion
  • References/ Bibliography
  • Questionnaire

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chapter title
TITLE. The first page of the ignou project report should be the title of the project.
INTRODUCTION. In this chapter, we have to write about the problem. in this chapter, we have to write the purpose of the project clearly.

LITERATURE REVIEW. A literature review sums up and incorporates the current insightful exploration on a specific subject. Literature surveys are a type of scholarly composing usually utilized in technical studies, sociologies, and humanities. Be that as it may, dissimilar to investigate papers, which set up new contentions and make unique commitments, literature audits sort out and present existing examination. As an understudy or scholarly, you may deliver a literature survey as an independent paper or as a segment of a bigger examination venture.
RESEARCH METHODOLOGY is an approach to deliberately taking care of a research issue. It is a study of concentrating on how research is done experimentally. Basically, it is the method by which the researchers approach their work of portraying, assessing, and anticipating marvel. It means to give the work plan of research. It gives preparing in picking strategies materials, logical instruments, and procedures pertinent to the arrangement of the issue.
RESULTS & DISCUSSION The findings of the research paper after the statistical analysis of data are reported in tabular and graphical form. This is then discussed in the light of the existing research paper studies.
CONCLUSION. Under this heading, the learner has to conclude the findings of the research.
REFERENCES we have to write references in APA format.



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