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IGNOU PGDAW Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

Animal welfare education is a multidisciplinary subject which is evolving rapidly with the core components of welfare science, ethics, laws and standards. In general, we are concerned about the welfare of all animals that are managed in some way by humans, and where we have particular responsibilities for their care. In the past, greatest concern about animal welfare has been related to livestock production in agriculture, and thus ‘farm animal welfare’ has received the most attention. Over time, welfare issues pertaining to working, performing, companion, zoo and lab animals have also received attention. Keeping all this in view, the PGDAW programme has covered welfare science, ethics, laws and standards of all managed animals like cattle and buffaloes; sheep and goat; pigs; poultry; working, performing, pet, zoo and lab animals. . If students want to know about IGNOU  pgdaw course , we are providing complete information regarding  IGNOU  pgdaw  course.


Programme Objectives
  •    To impart science based animal welfare education through open and distance learning.
  •    To build capacities of stakeholders in taking socially responsible decisions concerning animal welfare.


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Eligibility for IGNOU  PGDAW  Programme

Graduation in any discipline

Medium of IGNOU PGDAW  Programme



Duration of IGNOU PGDAW Programme

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 3 Years



Course Fee: Rs. 5,400


 PGDSS Subjects

CourseCode Course Name Credits
 MAW-001  Animal Welfare Science and Ethics  8
 MAW-002  Animal Welfare Issues  8
 MAW-003  Animal Welfare Laws, Policies and Organizations  8
 MAW-004  Animal Welfare Practices, Economics and Livelihood  8


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