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IGNOU PGCCC Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

In the backdrop of importance placed on creating awareness on climate change science and adaptation strategies by various ministries under the Government of India, the programme was tailor-made to incorporate the developments in the domain of climate change with respect to human influences on climate, the consequences of climate change, climate change conventions and protocols. The learners will be enriched with knowledge on the impact of climate change on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems. The learners will be capacitated with the response options to the climate change like mitigation and adaptation strategies. If students want to know about IGNOU PGCCC course , we are providing complete information regarding  IGNOU    PGCCC  course.

Programme Objectives

To expose the learners to the domain of climate change and conventions on climate change
To acquaint the learners with impacts of climate change on terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
To equip the learners with the mitigation and adaptation strategies against climate change
To develop an understanding on climate change assessment tools
To acquaint the learners with interaction between climate change and society.

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Eligibility for IGNOU  PGCCC  Programme

Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from any recognised university.

Medium of IGNOU   PGCCC  Programme


Duration of IGNOU PGCCC Programme

Minimum Duration of the programme:   6 month

Maximum Duration of the course: 2  Years


3800  rs

PGCCC Subjects

CourseCode      Course Name Credits
 MEV-021   Introduction to climate change  4
 MEV-022    Impacts of climate change  4
 MEV-023   Mitigation and adaptattion of climate change  4
 MEV-024  climate change assessments tools   4
 MEV-025  climate chnage and society   4


Programme Coordinator:

Dr. V. Venkat Ramanan, Phone: 011-29571121


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