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Voluntary Action in Rural Development
Course Code: MRDE-002
Course Title: Voluntary Action in Rural Development
Assignment No.: MRDE-002/AST/TMA-8/2022-2023
Maximum Marks: 100
Note: The assignment has three sections. It contains questions, which require long, medium and short
answers. A long answer should not exceed 1000 words. Medium answers should not exceed 500 words
each. Short answers should not exceed 100 words each
Long Answers Questions Maximum Marks: 40
Attempt any One of the following
1. Discuss the essential tenets of Voluntary Associations in a democratic society.
2. Discuss the Gandhian conception of voluntarism and rural reconstruction during freedom
3. Describe the basic features of funding by Indian State for giving financial assistance to Voluntary
Medium Answers Questions Maximum Marks: 15 each
Attempt any Two of the following:
1. Explain the objectives and guiding principles of Global Donor Platform for Rural Development
2. Describe the contribution of Tarun Bharat Sangh (TBS) to watershed development in rural area.
3. Discuss CBO-Approach in the context of Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP).
Short Answers Questions Maximum Marks: 6 each
Attempt any Five of the following
1. Barefoot College
2. Voluntary Action Cell
3. Main Characteristics of Unregistered VOs
4. NGO-Typology based on Tasks
5. Networking and Alliance Building among Voluntary Organization
6. Limitations of Bureaucratic Administration
7. Weisbord’s Approach to Non-Profit Organizations
8. Meaning and Essence of Voluntarism

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