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Title Name                                                          MCFT 006 English  Solved Assignment 2021-22

Service Type                                                     Solved Assignment (Soft copy/PDF)

Course                                                               Bachelor’s Degree Programme Under CBCS

Language                                                          ENGLISH  MEDIUM

Course:                                                               MSC CFT

Session                                                              2021-22

Assignment Code                                              MCFT 006 /TMA/2021-22

Submission Date                                                                    For the students enrolled in July 2021- 30th April 2022
For the students enrolled in January 2022- 31st October 2022


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Read the section on Assignments in the Program Guide that IGNOU sent to you after your enrollment. A weightage of 30 per cent, as you are aware, has been prescribed for continuous evaluation, which will consist of tutor-marked assignments for this course. The assignment is in this booklet, and it consists of two parts, Part A and B. The total marks for all the parts is 100, of which 35% is required to pass it.

The important thing candidates should know is that in order to participate in IGNOU  MCFT 006 Term End Examination (TEE), it is necessary to submit IGNOU assignments at the regional center of IGNOU. Without the assignment, candidates will not be allowed to appear in the examination. So, for this students have to first download their assignment, complete them and then submit it to the regional center of IGNOU.

Candidates can solve their respective tasks of IGNOU MCFT 006 by using the books or study material provided by IGNOU. These study material/books are useful not only for assignments but also for their respective term end exam preparation.


Applied Social Psychology
Course Code: MCFT-006
Assignment Code: MCFT-006/TMA-6/ASST-6/2021-22
Maximum Marks: 100



Section A – Descriptive Questions  (106= 60 marks)


1. “Socialization is a deliberate, conscious process”. Discuss this statement with examples. (10)
2. Explain basic factors which help in shaping personality. (10)
3. Give examples to explain the influence of culture on our understanding of self. (10)
4. With examples, describe different forms of conflict. (10)
5. Discuss common misconceptions and stereotypes about sexual identities. (10)
6. How will you describe an effective communicator? (10)


Section B – Short Answer/Objective Type Questions

(40 Marks)
1. Write short notes (in 150 words each) on the following: (58= 40 marks)
i) Sublimation
ii) Interpersonal relationships
iii) Social intelligence
iv) Anger management tips
v) Cohesiveness
vi) Bisexual
vii) Readiness for marriage
viii) Empathic listening

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