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IGNOU Credit transfer


IGNOU credit transfer- Procedure and Details


IGNOU Credit Transfer  


Would you be willing to enrol in IGNOU just for the advantage of distance learning? So, like many other candidates, you are unaware of some of the additional advantages of studying at IGNOU. The credit transfer system is one such perk that you should be aware of. Yes, many students who have graduated from IGNOU or who are presently enrolled may be unaware of the university’s initiative.


What is IGNOU Credit Transfer?


If you are an IGNOU student, you will find it advantageous to understand and utilise the credit transfer plan. This credit transfer method may be used by everyone, not only students. If you are thinking about enrolling in a university, you can take advantage of it.


Finally, what is IGNOU’s credit transfer scheme?


It is the mechanism through which you can apply for admission to IGNOU by transferring credits from other universities. This implies that if you have completed a course at another institution and want to follow a comparable course at IGNOU, you will not be required to make certain of the IGNOU examinations. The external credit transfer scheme is what it’s called. Students can make use of an internal credit programme at the institution, which is similar to this.

Of course, the institution has its own set of rules and limits that you must adhere to when using IGNOU’s credit transfer plan.


Internal Credit Transfer at IGNOU


Internal credit transfer is available to IGNOU students, as previously stated. This is a procedure that allows students to transfer credits earned during one semester to another semester or course. In a nutshell, internal credit transfer only works within the IGNOU institution. Internal credit transfer will benefit students who have already completed the same courses in a prior IGNOU course and do not need to repeat the same course in another degree programme provided by IGNOU. In these circumstances, the institution provides students with the option of transferring credits and finishing the course.


  • Step 1: Go to to access the official IGNOU website.
  • Step 2: On the homepage tab, you’ll locate the Student Support option that you selected.
  • Step 3: After selecting Student Support, you will be presented with a drop-down menu from which you must pick Downloads.
  • Step 4: A new page will appear, and you will need to pick the Credit Transfer Scheme option from the list on the right.
  • Step 5: For the credit transfer plan, a list of programmes will emerge. Choose the appropriate software from this list.
  • Step 6: When you choose software from the list, a new tab will open with another website.
  • Step 7: The application form for the credit transfer scheme for the selected programme will open in a new tab. To submit this form, download it and follow the instructions on the form.


The Methodology:

After you have obtained the form, you must fill it out and send it to IGNOU’s official address, which is:



The Registrar,

Student Registration Division,


Block No. 1 & 3, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068



You must also provide a demand draught payable to IGNOU, New Delhi. Internal Credit Transfer has a fee of Rs. 500 per course. The fee cost might be different in certain instances, such as Rs. 1200 for credits above 4 if you are taking a fresh admission in the first year but it is against the first semester and second-semester courses that were leftover from the previous registration.


Internal credits can only be transferred once per academic year. Following the merger, students will be given a year to finish any remaining courses.


External Credit Transfer from IGNOU


IGNOU External Credit Transfer is a feature that has enticed many students to enrol in IGNOU. If a student has completed a course at another university and wants to take a relevant course at IGNOU, the student can transfer credit from the previous university to IGNOU. In this case, the candidate is exempt from taking an examination in courses that were equivalent at his or her previous university.


Form of Application:


The external credit form is comparable to the internal credit form in terms of downloading. These are the measures to take.

  • Step 1: Go to to access the IGNOU official website.
  • Step 2: On the site, you will see a dropdown menu with the choice of Student Support.
  • Step 3: From the Student Support dropdown menu, choose Downloads.
  • Step 4: After clicking on Downloads, you will be sent to a screen with a tab or list on the left side.
  • Step 5: Select the credit transfer plan option from the drop-down menu.
  • Step 6: After selecting the credit transfer scheme, a new page will display, with the Internal Credit Scheme at the top and the External Credit Scheme at the bottom.
  • Step 7: On this screen, under the External Credit Scheme option, select the one that best fits your needs.
  • Step 8: A new page will appear, this time with the form that you must download and print before filling out and submitting.

The Procedure 


Candidates who fill out the form for the External Credit Scheme must send it to the same address as those who fill out the form for the Internal Credit Scheme.


The Registrar,

Student Registration Division,


Block No. 1 & 3, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi-110068


Candidates must also submit a demand payment for Rs. 250 payable to IGNOU, New Delhi, in addition to the application form. They must also give confirmed copies of their mark sheets from previous institutions, as well as attested copies of the syllabus they studied at their previous university.


The institution may take up to three months to finish the registration procedure after the candidates have submitted the form and all accompanying papers.


Credit Transfer Status at IGNOU


The institution takes about 3 months to finish the registration process once you apply for the IGNOU Credit Transfer.

Candidates may, however, get worried at this time while the transfer is pending. So, here are the methods to verify the status of your IGNOU credit transfer.

  • Step 1: Go to to access the official website.
  • Step 2: On the site, select Student Zone from the dropdown menu of Student Services.
  • Step 3: A screen with numerous options will appear, from which you must select the Admission option.
  • Step 4: A new page will open with the option of Registration Status, under which you must choose the option of Credit Transfer Status from the list of possibilities.
  • Step 5: When you click on Credit Transfer Status, you will be sent to another page where you must choose the appropriate choice to proceed to the next page.
  • Step 6: On the following screen, enter your enrolment number, and you will be able to see your enrollment status.


If you are a new IGNOU student, keep checking your email address because you will get your enrollment number by email after you have submitted the registration form.


IGNOU Credit Transfer Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is a candidate’s eligibility for an External Credit Transfer?

Answer: A candidate who has taken a course at another university and finished it can apply for registration at IGNOU and receive the benefits of External Credit Transfer if the institution’s criteria are followed.


Q2. Is there a difference in the fees for Internal and External Credit Transfers?

Yes, the charge for Internal Credit Transfer is Rs. 500 for each course, whereas the fee for External Credit Transfer is Rs. 250/- per course.


Q3. What are the requirements for candidates seeking an IGNOU degree under the External Credit Scheme?

Answer: In order to get a degree certificate from IGNOU, a candidate who uses the External Credit Scheme must obtain at least 50% of the total credits from IGNOU.


Q4. Will the credit transfer appear on the mark sheet?

Yes, whether it’s an External Credit Transfer programme or an Internal Credit Transfer system, the credits transferred from the previous institute or year will appear on the IGNOU Marksheet from the university.



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