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Introduction to the Media
Maximum Marks: 100
Assignment code: BEGA001/TMA/2022-23


This assignment has 8 questions. Attempt all of them and answer each question in
approximately 350-400 words, unless stated otherwise.
1. Write a detailed note on the genesis, characteristics and new trends of the print media. 10
2. What do you understand by editing and how important is editing for different media?
Give a comprehensive answer. 10
3. What are the main principles of marketing media content and what role does
advertising and public relations play in marketing? 10
4. What is mass media and what is the impact of mass media in the Indian context? Give
a reasoned answer. 10
5. Write a short feature on the topic “The Corona Pandemic that Shook the World.” 15
6. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper to draw the attention of the
authorities to the recurring problem of water-logging of roads during the rainy season. 15
7. You have to interview a person who managed to escape a terrorist attack on his/her
village recently. Frame 10 questions and their possible answers, so that a clear picture
of the incident/attack emerges. Also write a paragraph outlining the preparations
made by you before the interview. 10+5=15
8. You have been sent as a reporter to cover the scene of a celebrity wedding taking
place in a posh hotel of your town or city. Write a detailed report of the event,
mentioning some highlights that would make it memorable. 15



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