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Discuss some of the broad objectives of advertising.

Discuss some of the broad objectives of advertising.


Advertising is  the one of the most creative fields and is a part of Marketing. In fact, Advertising has become so big that many people get confused about the differences between marketing and advertising. Nonetheless, the objectives of Advertising are completely different from Marketing. Advertisements are a guaranteed method of reaching an audience. By creating an engaging ad, and spending enough to reach your target users, advertisements can have an immediate impact on business.


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objectives of advertising

  1. Promotes Products: Advertising is responsible for promoting the company’s product among large peoples in the market. It is one that informs about the latest arrivals to customers and communicates all relevant information regarding products or services.
  2. Creates Demand: Advertising creates a favorable environment for increasing demand. It informs more and more customers about products and persuades them to buy by explaining product features and advantages to them.
  3. Building Brand Image: It has an efficient role in building a good image and reputation of the brand. Advertising introduces manufacturers and its product in a better way to customers. It explains the product quality and develops a better image in the minds of people.
  4. Stabilizing Sales Volume: It  helps in stabilizing the sales volumes for business. It helps in retaining more and more customers for a longer period and develops loyal customers.
  5. Reduces Cost: It  reduces the cost of the product by expanding the scale of production. It raises the production level of business by increasing its demand which reduces the per-unit cost of products.
  6. Higher Sales and Profit: It focuses on boosting the sales volume and profit level of organizations. It attracts more and more peoples to company products and persuades them to buy or try it.
  7. Expands Market:  It expands the market opportunities for business by creating wide awareness in the market. It approaches and informs a large number of people in the market about products or services offered by the business.



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