You are currently viewing Define recruitment? Discuss the marks demerits ?

Define recruitment? Discuss the marks demerits ?

Define recruitment? Discuss the marks demerits  ? 


Recruitment is a positive process of searching for prospective employees and stimulating them to apply for the jobs in the organisation. When more persons apply for jobs then there will be a scope for recruiting better persons.

The job-seekers too, on the other hand, are in search of organisations offering them employment. Recruitment is a linkage activity bringing together those with jobs and those seeking jobs. In simple words, the term recruitment refers to discovering the source from where potential employees may be selected. The scientific recruitment process leads to higher productivity, better wages, high morale, reduction in labour turnover and enhanced reputation. It stimulates people to apply for jobs; hence it is a positive process.

Recruitment is concerned with reaching out, attracting, and ensuring a supply of qualified personnel and making out selection of requisite manpower both in their quantitative and qualitative aspect. It is the development and maintenance of adequate man- power resources. This is the first stage of the process of selection and is completed with placement.



1. Candidates really don’t know if the job placement firms will even send their resumes to employers.

2. Recruitment agencies may be sympathetic about your situation however they do not have the time to invest in helping you with your issues.

3. They can be quite impersonal and might not keep in touch with you. Recruitment Agencies are not paid by you, they are paid by their client, the employer, so may have a different agenda to you.

4. If you are looking for a change in career, they may not listen to you and insist you to go forward for roles similar to what you have done in the past.

5. Some agencies have been known to lure people in for advertised jobs and then try to push other opportunities on them.

6. It is becoming increasingly difficult to find genuine recruitment agencies. We mostly find agencies which are profit motivated or those which scam the needy.

7. They decide which candidates are put forward for which jobs and so you may miss out or not know regarding possible job offers.

8. You may not always know who the client is until the last moment, which restricts your ability to fully research the company and interviewers.

9. The recruitment consultant can get incentivized by any factor and may act in his/her own best interest to make any placement rather than the correct placement.

10. They sometimes charge a high fee from the candidates. Though they get paid from the employer, they ask the applicants to pay fees under the name of registration, deposit, etc. , thus doubling their profits.


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