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What are IGNOU Passing Marks ?

Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) conduct exam twice a year. IGNOU  rules and regulation is different then other universities. if students have no idea about passing  marks in IGNOU  exam, we will provide complete information about IGNOU passing marks.

Minimum Passing Marks in IGNOU  Theory Exam

Indira Gandhi National and Open University offer various UG and PG  courses in all over India. Maximum  numbers of students are studying under IGNOU . The exam board will be provided the passing marks for theory, practical and assignments for each subject in the official site. The students of IGNOU have to pass the assignment, term end theory and term end practically separately. The students can view and check the passing marks from the official site. IGNOU will calculate different passing marks for each subject. Basically, IGNOU passing marks for theory is 35 out of 100 and 50 out of assignments. The exam board of IGNOU will issue passing marks out of 100, 70 and 50 for all subjects in the official site. For fear that, if the students who have passed in theory but failed in assignment, then they have to submit the IGNOU assignment to the study center of IGNOU. Students should submit the assignment before the last due date. If the students who have failed in term end theory but passed in assignment, then the student has to reappear end term theory again.  IGNOU’S students have to score more than or equal to 50 percent in term end exam will be passed or rest will be fail status or incomplete in grade card of IGNOU.

 Passing Marks for Bachelor Degree Students

  • Minimum passing marks is 18 out of 50 marks paper.
  • Minimum passing marks is 35 out of 100 marks paper.
  • For 25 Marks papers, passing marks is 9.

Passing Marks for  Master Degree Students

  • Minimum passing marks is 20 out of 50 marks paper.
  • Minimum passing marks is 40 out of 100 marks paper.


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 Grade Card Marking system 

S.No. Grade Marks Obtained
1 A 80 and above
2 B 60 to 79
3 C 50 to 59
4 D 40 to 49
5 E 35 to 39
6 F Below 35


How to check the passing mark of IGNOU?

If you are an IGNOU student, you can check the passing mark on the official site. Follow the below-given steps,

  • Visit the official  website of IGNOU
  •  Home page will be displayed
  • You need to select the preferred subjects’ passings marks direct link given on the official website.
  • Now click on the download button.
  • Next, download the IGNOU passing marks into your mobile phone or computer.
  • student can see the passing marks now.



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