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IGNOU Regional Centre Mumbai, Contact Details, Email id, Address


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The Regional Centre has been defined under Section 2(J) of the IGNOU Act as under: “Regional Centre” means a Centre established or maintained by the University for the purpose of coordinating and supervising the work of the Study Centres in any region and for performing such other functions as may be conferred on such Centre by the Board of Management (BoM).


Regional Centres are established with the support and cooperation of the respective State Governments and are responsible for promotion of the ODL system in the State/ region, establishment,development, maintenance and monitoring of LSCs. Regional Centres are also responsible for the delivery of programmes and student support services and organization of staff development programmes


The major activities of a Regional Centre can be broadly categorized as academic, administrative and promotional. The Regional Centres are responsible for the promotion of the Open University system; development, maintenance and monitoring of Study Centres and Student Support Services; and organisation of staff development programmes in the region, for training coordinators/counsellors/other functionaries.


IGNOU Regional Centre Mumbai was established with 18 LSC’s in Jan. 2009. with the bifurcation of the Pune region of Maharashtra. The purpose of a separate regional centre in Mumbai is to cater to the needs of Konkan division of Maharashtra and to provide better student support services to the growing enrollment in Konkan region. Two significant aspects of IGNOU regional centre are it includes greater Mumbai and Mumbai suburban where the population density is high It covers around 25% of the total population of the state in a limited land area of 30865 sq km Initially the Regional center was housed in a rented building in Mulund East and later moved to a prominent and easily accessible location near to Molund Railway station at Mulund west in Jan 2016 The regional centre covers the konkan region of the state comprising districts of greater Mumbai. Mumbai Suburban. Thane. Palghar. Raged and Ratnagin At present there are 26 learner support centers (LSC) with fresh admission of more than 10000 learners per year. There are 7 regular study centers. 14 Programme study centers. 3 special study centers and 2 recognized study centres offering in total 80 academic programmes covering Masters. Bachelors. PG Diploma, Diploma. PG Certificate and Certificate levels.


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IGNOU Regional Center,
2nd and 3rd Floor,
Kappeesh Building,
M. G. Road, Opp to Mulund Railway Station,
Mulund (West), Mumbai – 4000080


Contact Number:-

Phone No.:- 022-25923159, 022-25925540

Fax No.:- 022-25925411

Email Id:-


​Office Hours Of Rc :- ​​Monday to Friday (09.30 AM to 06.00 PM)
Saturday and Sunday Closed


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