You are currently viewing IGNOU prospectus july 2025

IGNOU prospectus july 2025

Students can download Electronic version of the prospectus is available for download at: student can  contact from regional centres for getting a ignou prospectus of latest session.

The Degrees/ Diplomas/ Certificates issued by IGNOU are recognised by all the member institutions of the Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and are at par with the corresponding Degrees/ Diplomas/Certificates issued by all Indian Universities/ Deemed Universities/ Institutions etc

Students can directly contact nearest ignou regional centres for getting prospectus or admission related help. students can mail us regarding admission related  enquiry . IGNOU Prospectus is currently available in two languages English and Hindi so choose any of the languages which convenient for you from available links and start downloading on your preferred  system or devices .

 Prospectus session January 2025

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Bed prospectus january 2022Download
MBA prospectus 2022Download
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How to  download ignou  prospectus january 2025?

  • it is a very  easy  procedure to download prospectus
  • students can  download   prospectus of latest session from official link of IGNOU .
  • after clicking then  file , file will  download in  system or android phone automatically.
  • university uploaded prospectus on google for students .


Foreigners  Students – IGNOU University has  already uploaded  prospectus for foreigners students so candidates can now check offered courses  and much more information in detail so download now to explore more about IGNOU.

Indian students  –  Prospectus for session January 2025  is now available for download so if you’re planning to get admission in the january 2025  session then please refer to the prospectus to check the availability of your course as well as get to know all about your course  before taking admission in IGNOU.



IGNOU has grown in the 25 years of its existence. It has over 15 per cent of all learners enrolled in higher
education in the country and offers a wide range of programmes and courses through its vast network of
learning centres across the country. Its Regional Centres can play a very important role in reducing
disparities in education by extending education opportunities in villages and remote areas. While
expanding its coverage and as part of its continuing effort to improve its teaching platform, I am told, that
IGNOU has started a “convergence scheme” bringing together the strengths of face-to-face conventional
education and the flexibility of open and distance learning. It is institutions that seek to excel
that constantly work to upgrade their facilities and incorporate good practices.


The importance of education cannot be over emphasized. It is a very powerful tool for empowering people
and for giving them self-dignity. It becomes even more important for a nation like ours that is in the process of
harnessing its human resources for rapid economic growth. Today, we need more children in school and
more of them to go on to higher education. Proper training, provisioning of skills sets and capacity
building of its population are tools which shall make our human resources competent and confident to
face the new set of challenges of a fast changing world.

Nations with high quality human resources would be counted amongst the front ranking nations of the world in
the knowledge era. Aristotle, the ancient Greek philosopher, once remarked that the fate of nations.
depends on the education of its youth. Therefore, reaching education to young girls and boys must
occupy a foremost position on our agenda, if we are to be firmly positioned as one of the leading nations of the
world. That is why Government has made education a priority sector. Free education to children between the
ages 6 and 14 years is – now a fundamental right. The Rashtriya Madhyamik Shiksha Abhiyan seeks to
achieve universal secondary education by the year 2017. The Gross Enrollment Ratio or GER in India in
higher education is very low as compared to the world average. Strenuous efforts are required to reach our
goal of enhancing GER in India to 20 per cent by 2020. A massive expansion in higher education
through new institutions is also underway, alongwith efforts to improve educational standards, including
through undertaking structural reforms in the higher education system and using all available methods
to spread education. The National Mission on Education through Information Communication
Technology launched in February this year will create internet connectivity to about 20,000 colleges and
educational institutions. This initiative will, I am confident bring in the use of modern technology in
higher education in a more widespread manner.


Distance education offers an opportunity to those already in employment to upgrade their
knowledge base, so that they can more effectively contribute to the productivity of work in their organizations.
Studying, while in employment, also offers opportunities for enhancement of career opportunities. I am,
therefore, happy that IGNOU and the Indian Army have decided to work together to create a process of
certification of higher education of soldiers. Till now the skills that the Army personnel acquired while in service
were not reflected through any formal degrees awarded to them. I am happy that through this new
collaboration, they will get appropriate certification. This can be helpful in their work and to start a new
professional life at the end of their careers in the Army. I therefore, welcome this new initiative and
am pleased to dedicate Gyan Deep to the nation. Similarly, the Flexi Learn Platform which has also been
launched today is significant as it provides an opportunity for prospective learners to sample a
course before enrolling and thereby, help them in choosing appropriate courses and programmes.



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