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IGNOU PGDDC Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

India is positioned at a crucial juncture in 21st century and Development Communication is going to play a key role in addressing the issues and challenges in the way. Development communication essentially aims to bridge all the gaps in the process between the planning agencies on the one hand and all other stake holders in development process with a focused understanding of the masses. PGDDC will help you acquire academic knowledge and professional skills, such writing, communication, planning, policy making and research.

You will develop sound  understanding of the core issues of the development process which will help you to find numerous employment opportunities in various Local, National and International Development Agencies. This programme will add to the skills of learners to counter challenges faced in the task of communicating about important aspects of Development. Media academics and industry, National and International Bodies/NGO with a development goal will be benefitted. This is a 36 credit programme. The programme consists of 5 theory courses + 1 elective course.  If students want to know about IGNOU PGCCC  course , we are providing complete information regarding  IGNOU  course.

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Eligibility for IGNOU  PGDDC  Programme

Bachelor’s Degree or a higher degree from any recognised university.

Medium of IGNOU PGDDC  Programme


Duration of IGNOU PGDDC  Programme

Minimum Duration of the programme:   1 years

Maximum Duration of the course: 3  Years


5000 rs

PGDDC  Subjects


Programme Coordinator:

Dr. Ramesh Yadav E-mail: Contact No.: 011-29571601, 011-29571606 


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