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IGNOU DCE Course ,Eligibility Criteria, Duration & More

The Diploma Programme in Creative Writing in English provides understanding, skills and professional knowledge about the art of writing and develops the creative ability of those interested in a professional career as a freelance writer. The curriculum is structured to impart instruction in progressive stages so as to ensure that a learner can assimilate information about a writer’s art and develops his/her creative ability. This Programme includes training in imaginative writing skills in relation to feature articles (women’s issues, book reviews, etc), writing short stories, scripts for TV/Radio, and writing poetry. The Diploma in Creative Writing in English comprises two compulsory and four elective courses. Each course is of four credits.  If students want to know about IGNOU DCE  course , we are providing complete information regarding  IGNOU DCE Course.

Eligibility for IGNOU  DCE  Programme

All applicants who are 10+2 pass will be admitted.

Anyone without 10+2 but 20 years old and above will also be admitted.

Medium of IGNOU  DCE Programme


Duration of IGNOU  DCE  Programme

Minimum Duration: 1 Year
Maximum Duration: 4 Years

 DCE Fee

Course Fee: Rs.3,800 + Rs. 200 Registration fee

DCE Subjects

CourseCode Course Name Credits
 DCE 01  General Principles of Writing  4
 DCE 06  Project  4
 DCE 02  Feature Writing (DCE 02)  4
 DCE 03  Short Story  4
 DCE 04  Writing for Media: Radio and Television  4
 DCE 05  Writing Poetry (DCE 05)  4


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