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Indian Classical Literature
Assignment July, 2023 & January 2024 Sessions
(Based on Blocks 1 – 4)
Max. Marks: 100
Answer all questions.
Section A


Answer with reference to the context in about 100 words each: 4 × 5 = 20
(i) “Perish the sinful thought,
Why are you out to sully your family’s honour;
And to make me fall: you are like a river
That crumbles its banks to muddy its crystal stream,
and uproots the tree growing by its edge.”
(ii) “As the law is subtle, my dear, I fail
To resolve your riddle the proper way:
A man without property cannot stake another’s
But given that wives are the husband’s chattels?”
(iii) “After my case has been investigated, by means of the ordeals of poison, water,
balance, and fire, then with justice you might have today ordered a saw to be used
on this body of mine. But as you are killing me, a Brahmana, relying on the words
of my enemy, you will surely fall into hell, along with your sons and grandsons!”
(iv) “The Pantiyan king who sat
On the lion- throne, with Lakshmi glowing on his breast,
Fainted and died, not knowing what to do
With the ordeal of the woman with fair wreaths.”


Section B
Answer the following in about 350 words each: 4 X 20 = 80
1. Examine the nature and function of dramatic art as propagated by Bharat Muni’s
2. Was Yudhidhthira right in staking Draupadi in the game of dice? Does he have any moral/
legal rights to do so? Discuss.
3. Examine the Mrichchhkatika as a prakarna.
4. Write a detailed note on akam and puram poetry in Cilappatikaran.

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