Describe, giving examples, common areas of marital enrichment.

3. Describe, giving examples, common areas of marital enrichment.

Wondering how to spice up your relationship with your partner? Well, If you’re one of those people, try some of these marriage strengthening activities to spice up your marital life.

1. Enjoy life as an individual

Contrary to what many think, a key to a great marriage is having your own life apart from the relationship.

When a person has friends and spends time with them, or has some kind of a hobby, that makes your partner realize that you are full of life.

Having too much free time can make your mind think in the wrong direction. For true marriage enrichment, keeping yourself busy with things you love is great for the individual and for the couple.

Look for marriage building activities or relationship building games that you both can enjoy and cherish as a couple.

2. Spice up the time in bed

Lack of sexual intimacy is one of the popular causes of divorce, and yet many couples ignore its importance. Sexual frustration in a marriage can lead to anxiety, stress, disconnection, and affairs.

That’s why you should spice up your sex life, especially if you have been married for a long time.

Marriage enrichment happens when you are considerate of your partner’s wishes and desires. Think about what your partner likes and try to grant his or her wishes.

How to spice up a relationship? One of the ideas to spice up a relationship is to be experimental and novel in your sex life.

Add some excitement. Try some new positions, or change the location where you always have sex. The options for marriage enrichment activities are numerous; you just have to be willing to find them and try them.

3. Show affection

Every time you can, show affection. It reminds and reassures your partner of your love for them. It is one of the surefire marriage enrichment ideas.

Surprise your partner while they’re at work by simply texting “I love you,” and rest assured that they’ll be a lot happier than before.

Another idea to spice up your marriage is to shower your spouse with compliments.

Expressing gratefulness and gratitude even for normal things like throwing out the garbage will make your partner very happy.

Watch this insightful video talking about seven different ways you can show affection to your partner without sex:

Apart from this, clearly showing your partner that you’re satisfied sexually will also make them feel great.

4. Workout

A healthy body means a healthy mind, and that leads to a healthy marriage.

The best option for marriage enrichment is to work out together. Go jogging together, or visit the gym.

Findings from research suggest that in older married couples, the husband’s physical activity enhances the psychological health of both the partners.

Physical activity boosts the hormones in your body that produce happiness, and sharing that feeling with your partner will strengthen your marriage.

5. Make jokes

How to spice up your relationship with humor, you may wonder.

Well, marriage enrichment and marriage humor go hand in hand. Humor, in tough times, makes everything easier.

Research conducted to understand the correlation between humor and relationship satisfaction in romantic relationships reported that relational humor could have a significant positive effect on relationship satisfaction.

Find a way to make jokes even if you don’t feel like it. Laughing is a special bond that connects even strangers, and when you laugh together with your married partner, your deepen that bond. 

6. Keep an eye on the little things


One of the ideas to spice up marriage is to find time to buy a little gift like flowers or chocolate for your partner. Surprise them with something that they love, like food, or movie tickets.

The important part of the surprise is to get what they really want. 

If you are looking for ideas to spice up love life, try the above ideas to experience long-lasting marriage enrichment, spice up your love life, and add happiness to your relationship.

7. Dress to impress

The more a relationship grows, the more comfortable we get in it, because of this, we tend to put less effort into our appearance.

Sometimes, with all the chores and the kids, we forget how to pamper ourselves and to do this for our partners as well.

It is great to know that your partner loves you no matter what, but dressing up reignites the physical attraction you had when you first met.

The increasing physical attraction brings back that wonderful new feeling in the relationship. Best of all, putting in the extra effort to look your best will make your partner feel special and also realize how amazing you are.

Remember that you don’t need to go out just to dress nicely. Prepare a nice dinner for your partner and dress nicely.

The opportunity is always there, and though it might seem a lot of work at first rest assured it would be worth it.

8. Bring back PDA

The reason a relationship can become stale and boring with time is that we forget to focus our time and attention on many little things that we used to earlier. One such thing is the Public Display of Affection.

No matter how old you are or how long you have been together, nothing works better than PDA when it comes to adding excitement in your marriage.

The beauty of PDA is that your partner won’t see it coming, and it would make them feel the butterflies in their stomach again. 

There’s nothing like stealing a kiss or holding hands in public. It’s almost electrifying when you publicly show each other that after all these years and through a crazy life that the romance is still alive.

It is easy to get lost in the rigmarole of our daily lives that can eventually chip away the foundation of your marriage.

Though, enriching your relationship or reviving your marital bond might feel like a struggle at first, once you realize that everything you have achieved or hope to achieve will mean nothing if you do not have someone to share it with, then you will have all the motivation to work harder and spice

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