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TS 4: Indian Culture: Perspective for Tourism

1. What is cultural tourism? Discuss its determinants. 20
2. What are the important contributions made by ancient India in the field of
sciences? 20
3. Discuss the role and functions of Rituals, Customs and Ceremonies. 20
4. “The history of Indian Classical Dance extends from the earliest days of
civilization to the present day”. Discuss the statement with suitable examples.20
5. Elaborate the different forms of Indian Theatre. Give suitable examples. 20
6. Write an essay on “Religious monuments of India”. 20
7. Describe the features and importance of cities of North India in the 6th
Century BC. 20
8. Give a brief description of clay works made in Kashmir and Gujarat. 20
9. Elaborate the chief identity markers of North – Eastern tribal’s. 20
10. Write short notes on the followings 10×2=20
a) Importance of tourism policy
b) Performing Arts


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