You are currently viewing IGNOU Online BCA Programme : Admission ,Eligibility, Fee,Application Form

IGNOU Online BCA Programme : Admission ,Eligibility, Fee,Application Form

GNOU Online BCA Admission 2023: Indira Gandhi National Open University has commenced the Online BCA admission for the July 2023 session. 15 July 2023 is the last date of IGNOU online BCA admission 2023. The registration form fee is INR 300/- for the Online BCA program. BCAOL course is completely based on merit. Admission to 3 years IT-oriented program will be given to individuals who have passed the 12th exams


Title: IGNOU Online BCA Programme: Admission, Eligibility, Fee, and Application Form


The Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) offers a Bachelor of Computer Applications (BCA) programme through its online platform, providing an excellent opportunity for aspiring students to pursue a career in the field of computer science. This unique distance learning program allows students to acquire a comprehensive understanding of computer applications and programming while offering flexibility and convenience. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of the IGNOU Online BCA Programme, including admission procedures, eligibility criteria, fees, and the application process.

Section 1: Overview of IGNOU and BCA Programme

– Introduce IGNOU as a renowned open university in India, highlighting its mission to provide accessible and affordable education to all.
– Briefly explain the significance and scope of the BCA programme, emphasizing the increasing demand for computer professionals in today’s digital era.

Section 2: Admission Process

1. Eligibility Criteria

– Discuss the essential eligibility requirements for admission to the IGNOU Online BCA Programme, such as educational qualifications, age limits (if any), and any specific subject prerequisites.
– Explain that candidates from any background can apply for the BCA programme, making it inclusive for students from diverse academic streams.

2. Entrance Examination (If Applicable)

– If the BCA programme has an entrance examination, provide details about the exam pattern, syllabus, and scoring scheme.
– Mention any exemptions or relaxation for candidates with prior computing knowledge or experience.

3. Admission Dates and Notifications

– Inform readers about the admission schedule, including application release dates, last date for submission, and exam dates (if applicable).
– Emphasize the importance of staying updated with official notifications and websites for timely application submission.

Section 3: Fee Structure

– Present a detailed breakdown of the BCA programme’s fee structure, including registration fees, tuition fees, examination fees, and any other relevant charges.
– Mention any financial assistance or scholarship opportunities available to deserving candidates.

Section 4: Course Curriculum

– Provide an overview of the BCA programme’s curriculum, highlighting key subjects and modules covered throughout the duration of the course.
– Emphasize the practical and theoretical aspects of the curriculum, showcasing how it equips students with essential computer skills.

Section 5: Advantages of the Online BCA Programme

– Discuss the benefits of choosing the online mode for pursuing the BCA programme, such as flexibility in scheduling, the ability to study from home, and the opportunity to balance work and studies effectively.

Section 6: Application Process

1. Online Application

– Walk readers through the step-by-step process of applying online for the IGNOU Online BCA Programme, from registration on the official website to filling the application form.
– Include screenshots or images to make the process more accessible and visually engaging.

2. Documents Required

– List the necessary documents candidates need to upload during the application process, such as educational certificates, identity proof, and passport-sized photographs.

3. Application Fee Payment

– Explain the different modes of application fee payment accepted by the university, including online payment options and bank challans.

Section 7: FAQs

– Address frequently asked questions about the IGNOU Online BCA Programme, such as program duration, examination patterns, study materials, and student support services.


Summarize the key points discussed in the article, reiterating the importance of the IGNOU Online BCA Programme as an excellent option for students seeking quality education in computer applications. Encourage interested candidates to meet the eligibility criteria, complete the application process on time, and embark on a rewarding journey of computer science education through IGNOU’s esteemed distance learning platform.




IGNOU Online BCA Admission: Programme Highlights

Course Name IGNOU Online BCA Programme (BCAOL)
Minimum Duration 3 Year
Maximum Duration 6 Years
Course Fee INR 12000 Per Year
Minimum Age 18 Years
IGNOU Official Website
Apply For Admission IGNOU Admission



Programme Coordinator of IGNOU Online BCA

  • Program Coordinator: Dr. M. P. Mishra
  • School of Computer and Information Sciences (SOCIS)
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University
  • Maidan Garhi, New Delhi – 110068.
  • Phone:011-29572902


Ques: Is the IGNOU Online BCA degree course valid?

Ans: IGNOU is a big university that provides all valid degrees, after completing this course students can get different opportunities.

Ques: What is the process for IGNOU online BCA degree?
For admission to this course applicants have to complete their 10+2 from a recognized board. Then apply for admission to the official site for the online BCA course.


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