You are currently viewing Briefly discuss different tasks of a professional manager in order to achieve goals and objectives of an organisation.

Briefly discuss different tasks of a professional manager in order to achieve goals and objectives of an organisation.

Briefly discuss different tasks of a professional manager in order to achieve goals and objectives of an organisation.


Professional management involves the administration of an organization in a well-reasoned way. A professional manager must not possess only professional skills, but technical and administrative skills as well. If a professional manager has long experience of business affair management, it acts as an added advantage for successful professional management. The task of a professional manager is to ensure employee success and in turn, the success of the organization as a whole. Efficient teamwork and motivating the workforce are among the number of management tasks a manager needs to perform.

 Professional Manager Roles and Responsibilities

A professional manager has quite a lot of tasks. Expertise in management tasks makes them an inevitable part of an organization. The must-have skills for professional managers to perform their manager responsibilities are excellent communication skills, ability to make decisions, leading from the front if needed, an efficient delegation of jobs, supervision, performance analysis and implementation of strategies. Also, people skills and conceptual skills are equally important. Armed with these skills, the management roles and responsibilities are performed duly. So, what are the manager’s responsibilities? They are listed below:

  1. Defining Your Objectives

As a manager, provide a clear direction to the organization as the first and foremost task. Establish visions and missions for the organization.

A manager should not delegate this task to anyone else, but must complete it himself. When the company’s objectives are defined, employees work towards a common purpose and are unified.

  1. Growth Management

In addition to managing growth and ensuring the survival of the firm, a manager has other responsibilities. Growth and survival of this firm are threatened both internally and externally.

The factors related to the firm’s internal functions (such as selecting the correct technology, hiring the right people, etc) are mostly under the company’s control. The manager must deal with external factors like government policy and economic conditions.

  1. Keeping Efficiency High and Improving it

In order for a firm to operate efficiently, managers possess a variety of roles and responsibilities. First of all, he must check to ensure that the firm is efficient, i.e. there is no waste of resources. Secondly, he must make sure that this efficiency is properly maintained.

  1. Creativity

Management is a job that requires innovation on the part of the manager. In order for the firm to successfully solve its problems, innovative solutions must be found. Not only are new ideas necessary, but they must also be nurtured and implemented. Managers are responsible for doing both of these on an ongoing basis.

  1. Be on the Lookout for Competitors

Market competition is something that needs to be planned for and prepared for by the manager. Keeping up with changes and/or increased competition can never be taken for granted.

  1. Leading by Example

It is usually the leadership that determines an organization’s future. The manager must also have good leadership qualities. In order to achieve the company’s goals, he must inspire and motivate employees.

A leader leads from the front, as well as a manager who demonstrates the qualities and work ethic that other members of a team can learn from.

  1. Management of Change

Change is a fact of life in every company and organization. Managers are responsible for bringing this sweeping change about. Among his responsibilities, he must ensure that the company’s transformation is smooth and uneventful.

  1. Selecting the Right Technology

Managing in the 21st century is a challenging task for all managers. A wide variety of IT processes are available today.

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