You are currently viewing How to crack IGNOU Openmat MBA Entrance exam with Surety?

How to crack IGNOU Openmat MBA Entrance exam with Surety?

How to crack the IGNOU Openmat MBA Entrance exam with Surety?

The Indira Gandhi National Open University every year conducts OPENMAT master’s in business administration exams to evaluate the management aptitude of personals. The opportunity to appear for this exam is given twice by this university. The first set of these exams is called OPENMAT XLII and is conducted in the month of September and whereas the second set of these exams is called OPENMAT XLIII and is conducted in the month of February.if students want to know about ignou mba openmat entrance exam method, please read the tips completely.


Syllabus and strategy of IGNOU Openmat MBA Entrance exam.

The syllabus of the IGNOU Openmat MBA entrance exam includes sections of quantitative aptitude, general awareness, English language, and logical reasoning. The strategy to apply in every section is different. Below mentioned are some strategies and syllabus of the various sections included in the exam.

Quantitative aptitude- This section tackles the mathematical skills of the candidates. The questions in this section are of moderate level. Make sure not to skip any topic, important and moderate from the syllabus. Furthermore, remember mock tests are always a savior.

General Awareness- This section of the exam includes current affairs, general knowledge associated with various political topics, historical topics, and topics associated with the Indian Constitution. Going through the previous year’s question papers will help you gather more information about the topics and get an idea regarding the structure of questions and exams. Also, an important tip regarding this section is to thoroughly read newspapers on a daily basis to enhance your general awareness.

English Language- This section of the exam includes questions based on basic grammar, antonyms, synonyms, vocabulary, the transformation of sentences, and comprehensions. The only strategy to excel in this section is to stick to the syllabus and practice enough mock tests.

Logical reasoning- The logical reasoning section evaluates the ability of a candidate with which he can solve a problem. The only strategy here is to get a strong grip of the basic concepts which will eventually help you in solving difficult concepts.


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Tips to prepare for the Open mat MBA Exam.

Below mentioned are some tips that will help the students in the fray to clear the Open mat MBA Entrance Exam Guaranteed with good marks.


  • Be calm and maintain your poise- There is an important fact that the biggest strength is mental strength. Being calm and maintain your poise is the final stage of your preparation. If your preparation for aptitude and quantities is exemplary but your weak spot is grammar and general awareness, do not let this get on your head. Perform your best in the topics you have a higher level of preparation for.


  • Stick to the basic preparation method– In the end, days, do not change or explore or modify your way of learning. Also do not pick up a new topic of study in the last few days. Instead of picking up a new topic, broaden your knowledge and confidence by revising for your previously prepared subjects. At the last juncture of time, it is not wise to explore new learning strategies. It will just turn out to be more disservice.


  • Have a precise and smart strategy for studying- This is not the time when I need to tell you about the study materials or the approach you need to apply for studying, or the amount of syllabus you have to cover. This is the time where I need to tell you about making an appropriate strategy to study. You need to figure out in the final days, which topics to cover and which topics to leave. You need to make sure not to whine about the topics you have not brushed up well. Just evaluate a strategy to score well for your exams and optimize and utilize your time well.


  • Find a plan for solving questions- Solving the questions and knowing the method to solve the questions is more important than just finding the answers. Make a plan to utilize your time to the most of your benefit and impress your examiner. Your aim to score good marks in the IGNOU Openmat MBA entrance exam is not possible with just basic preparation. You need a well-framed plan on the solving method of the questions. You can refer to various mentioned books in your syllabus with solved question papers. Start by solving questions you find the easiest. Getting correct answers for the easier questions will boost your enthusiasm and self-confidence, and then you can proceed towards the difficult questions with boosted esteem. Your direction of a plan will surely help you crack the IGNOU Openmat MBA entrance exams will flourishing marks.


If you are really eager to crack the IGNOU Openmat Entrance Exams, make sure to primarily have thorough information regarding the syllabus. Furthermore, build a strong strategy to overcome your fears and plan for your exams. Lastly, follow all the above-mentioned points to your best in order to achieve an excellent result.


IGNOU Open mat Exam Pattern 

We are providing complete ignou entrance open mat exam format of question paper. There will be no  negative marking system in this mba entrance exam .  total numbers of question paper is 200  only. students can get help from ignou open mat exam previous paper.

ignou mba open mat 200 no


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