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Course Code: MRD-101
Course Title: Rural Development: Indian Context
Assignment No.: MRD-101/AST/TMA-1/2022

Note: The assignment has three sections. It contains questions, which require long, medium and short
answers. A long answer should not exceed 1000 words. Medium answers should not exceed 500 words each.
Short answers should not exceed 100 words each


Long Answers Questions Maximum Marks: 40
Attempt any One of the following
1. What do you mean development? Describe major issues involved in it.
2. Discuss in brief the role of credit in rural development in the context of organized banking and rural
3. Critically examine the recent agrarian movements arising out of the capitalistic contradictions in India.
Medium Answers Questions Maximum Marks: 15 each
Attempt any Two of the following:
1. Describe important feature of Green Revolution.
2. Explain important measures initiated for tenancy reforms in India.
3. Discuss in brief the salient features of The Constitution (73rd Amendment) Act,1992.
Short Answers Questions Maximum Marks: 6 each
Attempt any Five of the following
1. Cropping Pattern
2. Demonstration
3. Grameen Bank
4. Land ceiling
5. Community Development Programme
6. Meaning of Demography
7. Cultural Empowerment
8. District Planning Committee


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