You are currently viewing IGNOU MFC 001 SOLVED ASSIGNMENT 2021-22


Attempt all questions. All questions carry equal marks.


1. Attempt a critical note on the introduction of folklore studies as an academic  discipline in India. (20)
2. Examine the interrelationships among ‘tribal’, ‘folk’ and ‘classical’ cultures and
discuss some of the problems faced by the strict/rigid definitions of culture.  (20)
3. Folklore is a visual subject—do you agree? Give a few case studies to authenticate
your argument.  (20)
4. Define the following:
(A) Language death
(B) Sanskritization and Palace Paradigm
(C) Folklore studies in Indian and Western context.
(D) Conservation and preservation: some legal and ethical issues  (4×5)
5. Write short notes on the following:
(A) Women’s protest against patriarchy.
(B) Heritage and cultural construct.
(C) Archives.
(D) Oral and written traditions.







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