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(Tutor Marked Assignment)
Course Code: FST-1
Assignment Code: FST1/TMA/2021
Max. Marks: 100.



1. A) What were the main features of the social organization in the Gupta Empire
that led to a great improvement in Science and Technology? (5)
B) Discuss briefly some developments in astronomy during Gupta period. (5)
2. Explain the role of scientific knowledge in agriculture with respect to arid zones,
dry lands and hills. (10)
3. A) Why is it important to pursue the policy of self-reliance for the progress of
science and technology and for the development of the nation? (5)
B) What goals need to be set for the management of water resources? How
water can be managed in a scientific manner? (5)
4. Distinguish between infectious and non-infectious diseases. Discuss briefly how
the infectious diseases travel from one person to another. (10)
5. Analyse the factors that impeded the growth of Science in India in the medieval
times. (10)
6. Explain the Theory of Chemical Evolution on scientific basis. (10)
7. Describe the various renewable resources of energy that have the potential to
fulfil the needs of the society. (10)
8. Make a table showing the recommended dietary allowances, balanced diet and
the major nutrients of food. (10)
9. Draw a neat and labelled illustration of basic units of computer. (10)
10. Write a detailed note on vector born diseases with suitable examples. (10)


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