how to make ignou mba project ms 100


Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) is an international university that offers multiple graduation and post graduation courses. One of the major courses offered by this university is the Management of Business Administration (MBA). For all the students studying in IGNOU and perusing MBA face a major common challenge; i.e. how to write IGNOU projects MS 100? The MBA students who are working professionals have to be more strained by this. Their daily busy schedule does not allow them to prepare for the projects in well advance, or consult various books assigned to their course, or search for the matter related to their project online. Same is the scenario about the individuals who are not employed for a full time job or are busy and engaged with lots of contingency works. There is a constant stir of nervousness and rampant among them. There is a simple reason, it is because they do not have time to prepare for it, eventually become impatient considering the lack of time.


The foremost and most important thing that should be known to a student perusing MBA from IGNOU is about the IGNOU MBA 100 project topics 2020. The topic of the project was be related to any of the functional area, such as Finance, Services Marketing, Tourism and Hospitality, Marketing and sales, Human resource management, likes and the organizational behavior. The next important thing that should be known to a student studying MBA is to select the topic to write the IGNOU MBA Projects MS 100 on. It is a crucial thing to study the topics and select the particular one that interests you more, the topic which you think you have a good command on, and on which you have immense knowledge and a lot of things to talk about.

The various types of MBA projects-

  • Field study project proposal (Synopsis)– The synopsis should contain all the important things that would cover the objectives, instruments to be used, research methodology of the project and the topic to be written, rational observation, sampling and objective


  • Inter-Organizational Study– These types of projects are related to the validation of the story, inter- organizational study and management


  • Case Study (Comprehensive)- This section encompasses individual organizational problems, analysis, malfunction area problem as well as


How to write IGNOU MBA Project MS 100 Synopsis (Proposal) topics according to IGNOU MBA Project Guidelines?

The IGNOU MBA Project MS 100 Synopsis project on a topic should essentially have the following enlisted points-


  • A precise introduction accompanied by a brief background. It should also have a rationale of the topic chosen for the


  • Vital details of the organization under study along with the brief


  • The statement for the problem possessed in the


  • The objective of the


  • The research Methodology-


  • Data handling and
  • Methods to be used for the collection of the
  • Research of the
  • Nature of the information to be collected for the
  • Sample and sample


  • Further direction for further research. (It is an exceptional step)


  • Any other piece of relevant information which will be appreciated in the project and enhance the appearance of the project and imbibe it with adequate


How to write IGNOU MBA Projects MS 100 Report topics according to IGNOU MBA Project Guidelines?

  • Title of the project related to the topic


  • Introduction to the study with the appropriate information regarding the topic of the


  • Brief details of the organization under study along with the precise review of the


  • The objectives of the study related to the topic of the


  • Research Methodology-


  • Research
  • Details of the
  • Data
  • Statistical tools used for the analyzing the data used in the
  • Administration of techniques and
  • The nature and source of the information and data
  • Sampling method and sample with
  • Validity and reliability of the tools



  • Findings and Data


  • Conclusions and summary of the project for the selected


  • Limitations of the


  • Bibliography and references used in the


  • Annexure and appendix, which might include questionnaires


Some important points for IGNOU MBA Projects MS 100:

  • Make sure you have two copies of the Send one copy of the file and save one to yourself.
  • Properly write MS-100 with the address to the co-coordinator projects, school of management studies,
  • Make sure you include the following mentioned documents while submitting the proposal;


  • The objective of the
  • Certificate of the approval of the project which must include the sign of the candidate as well as the
  • Synopsis of the project
  • Mentioning of the limitations and the trend of future


Physical features of the project report:

  • The project should be submitted in an A4 size sheet (29*20cm)


  • Before completing the binding of the project, make sure you have the following sheets in your project-


  • The approval of the project proposal
  • The original approval
  • The certificate of originality which is signed by both the supervisor and the
  • The cv of the
  • Make sure you make two copies of the project. Keep one to


Bio-data of the Guide according to IGNOU MBA Project Guidelines:

  • Name and the true date of birth of the


  • Full address of the residence and the place of work of the


  • Details regarding the qualifications of the candidate- Clearly mention the qualifications, along with the degree (with the specialization), name and address of the university/ college/ institution. The date and year of graduating along with the proper The percentage of marks obtained along with the grades. This should be submitted with the pass certificate and the degree.


  • The details of the work experience- The details should be mentioned in a chronological order. It should contain all the details in chronological order having the name, address, designation and period of tenure in that particular


I hope this information provided above helps all the candidates perusing a degree in management in business administrations in IGNOU. Do not worry regarding any problems you face in formulating your project. This is the best and the most user friendly article you would come across to showcase an exemplary project to the supervisor without much tension regarding the shortage of time. If you follow all the listed points mentioned above, it is assured that your MBA project will not get rejected, but will soar high and make you succeed.

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