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If you’re IGNOU student and worrying about getting good marks in IGNOU Exams, then you’re in the right place. In this post we’ll discuss how you can Crack IGNOU Exams by following our IGNOU Exam Preparation Tips. Read full article and explore whether IGNOU Exams are easy or tough, How to prepare for IGNOU Exam in a short amount of time & much more. At the end of this article you’ll get a bonus tip, which will help you to achieve your goals easily. So let’s get started…

How to Prepare for IGNOU Exams

First of all you need to know about the IGNOU Syllabus. Before writing this article I found some articles on the internet having title ‘How to Get Good Marks in IGNOU Exams in One Day’. Please don’t follow these type of articles because, IGNOU has vast syllabus and to score good marks, you need to prepare in advance. Well, it’s all about smart work rather than hard work. All you need to do is following the tips below.

Know Your IGNOU Syllabus

Before taking any action, you need to understand your syllabus. You have to plan it strategically. First step to score good marks in IGNOU Exams is analysing your syllabus. In addition to the syllabus, you should also have the knowledge about the exam pattern.

Decide a Study Plan

Creating or deciding a study plan is the second step to score good marks in IGNOU Exams. By creating a study plan, you can do you exam preparations effectively. Avoid long study sessions. Remember, the plan you have prepared should cover all the topics & chapters. Start studying one or two hours whenever you get free time, at least two three times a week.

Surf Previous Year Question Papers

Download 4 years previous question paper of your subject. You will find that most of the questions are being repeated year after year. By surfing the previous year question papers, you will get a basic idea about the types of questions that are being repeated in a new way.

Just Go Through the Main Topics

When you start reading you know where to go, what are important topics as you have read the whole book so just go through the main topics and remember those. Simply read the IGNOU study material in a focused manner. That will help you to get idea that which topics are Essential and what is worthless. Read the highlighted notes at least one more time before exams.

How to Write IGNOU Exam Papers to Get Good Marks

Try to write in your own words. You must show how perfectly you can write a question in your own language with all the necessary headings, paragraphs, images, illustrations and graphs. Write in a neat and clean handwriting which can be understood easily. Use examples to back up your statements. This will add value to your answers and ease the job of the examiner.

Preparation Tips

  • Before going to the exam centre revise the important answers once.
  • Attempt each question separately on next page. Do not mix different questions on the same page.
  • Words count is an important thing. The answers should not go beyond limit.
  • Please do not prefer late night studying or sleepless nights and avoid last movement overflowing sessions the night before your exam.
  • Make short notes and revise the previous year question papers of your subjects. Keep trying to vary your revision techniques.
  • If you want to take  help you can help from help books like gullybaba or neeraj but do not copy  from these helpbooks .

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